INQ coming to a store near you

INQ coming to a store near you


Just when you thought, we are done with the introduction of cutting-edge devices, at least for the year, Hutchinson is coming out with a very interesting device. I met Frank Meehan at the GigaOM conference last month where he was on my “carrier” panel. He is very smart and articulate, one of the guys behind the X-Series launch in UK (with 3). He is also the new subsidiary INQ chief.


Olga Kharif of Businessweek did a story on the upcoming device which is bound to shake up things further. Frank alerted me this morning about the device and i must say, the initial impressions are pretty good, esp. with the price point. If there is a carrier in the western hemisphere who “gets” Internet, it is 3, so it will be really interesting to track progress on this one.

(Image source: Businessweek)