In case you missed …

In case you missed …

Stories and articles in March

GigaOM – Why Featurephones are the new Black for Mobile Apps?

BusinessWeek – Freeing the iPad from AT&T

WirelessWeek – VCast App Store Opens

WirelessWeek – National Broadband Plan – A Work in Progress

GigaOM – In the App Economy Does the Mobile Browser Matter?

RCR Wireless – America pushes the boundaries of broadband

FierceWireless – Breaking down usage-based data pricing

GigaOM – How Mobile Network Operators Must Evolve as Data Ramps Up

FierceWireless – User appetite for apps continues to surge

NY Times – LTE may heat up mobile net neutrality debate

PC World – LTE may heat up mobile net neutrality debate

Our Mobile Apps Research received unprecedented global coverage with hundreds of stories, here is a sampling ..

AFP – Mobile apps a $17.5B market by 2012

BBC – Mobile application sales to reach $17.5B by 2012

Business Insider – Number of Apps Stores Grew from 9 to 38 in 2009

BusinessWeek – Americans Pay More for Mobile Apps

Cellular News – Mobile apps to be worth $17.5B by 2012

Connected Planet – Apps trump CDs – but do we really need 38 app stores

Connected Planet – Mobile apps explode, but what about the little guys

Communities Dominate Brands – So what do we learn from Chetan Sharma’s Report on Mobile Apps

CNET – Mobile app demand to explode by 2012

Datamation – Mobile Application Sales to reach $17.5B by 2012

Ecommerce Times – Consumers go gaga over apps

eWeek – Apple-led apps market to hit $17.5B by 2012

Fast Company – Mobile Apps Sales to Hit $17.5B by 2012

FierceMobile – 50B mobile app downloads in 2012

GigaOM – Mobile Apps are hot, but don’t forget emerging markets

GoMo News – Growth in mobile apps may have hidden dangers

Guardian – Mobile Apps will outsell CDs by 2012

Information Week – Mobile Apps get top dollar in US

Mashable – Mobile App Market to Surge to $17.5B by 2012

Mobile Marketing Watch – Mobile Apps to Soar to $50B downloads by 2012

Mobile Entertainment – Mobile apps to outsell CDs by 2012

Moconews – Evidence that Apple is Onto Something

Msearchgroove – Chetan Sharma first to map app economy and landscape

NPR – App Store Study

PC World – Study’s forecast of Mobile App Explosion are Overblown

PC World – Apps are a goldmine for developers

ReadWriteWeb – Mobile App Marketplace: $17.5B by 2012

Seattle Times – Mobile apps $17B market soon, app seller claims

Techcrunch – Mobile app sales will overtake CD Sales by 2012

TelecomTV – Study forecasts $17.5B apps store revenues

Venturebeat – Mobile apps industry to hit $17.5B by 2012 with 50B in downloads

Wireless Week – Mobile apps will outsell CDs by 2012
WSJ – Studies Forecast Rapid Growth in Mobile Apps

FCC – National Broadband Plan

BusinessWeek – Clear’s Mobile Users Really Use the Service

US Today – Media Morning (MBS)

Seattle Times – Glaser on mobile biz, Apple and the Sesame Street problem (MBS)

Seattle Times – Former FCC boss on fed’s free wireless proposal (MBS)

Techflash – RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser on why Apple’s model must be stopped (MBS)

Techflash – RealNetworks advice to startups: It’s better to be lucky, than good (MBS)

Moconews – Former RealNetwork’s CEO Rob Glaser Says For Now Apple Has Won(MBS)

Moconews – FCC Former Chairman Says Agency Lacks Control Over Handset Makers(MBS)

GigaOM – Rob Glaser Defines the Superphone and Predicts the Mobile Future (MBS)

GigaOM – Former FCC Chair Lays Out the Limit on the Agency’s Authority (MBS)

PC World – Former FCC Chair Says More Fiber Will Help Wireless Crunch (MBS)

PC World – Rob Glaser Thinks Mobile Is the Next Big Thing (MBS)

B/OSS – Mobile Data Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

NPR – SXSW and Mobile Data Network Traffic

TMC – Enterprises to Find Increasing Challenges with Wireless Networks

GigaOM – The Disconnect Between Subscriber Growth & Revenues in Broadband and Mobile

Reuters – Telecom groups sit uneasily on client data gold mine

NY Times – Do All Small Businesses Need a Mobile Strategy?

FierceBroadbandWireless – New report enforces why operators are talking usage-based data pricing

GigaOM – Mobile’s Data Usage and Revenue Disconnect

GigaOM – US Mobile Market: Highly Competitive and iPhone Still Rocks

Techcrunch – In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever, Deal With It

Mediapost – Coming Soon To A Wireless Store Near You