Enterprise Mobility: Applications, Technologies and Strategies


Enterprise Mobility: Applications, Technologies and Strategies

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"Enterprise mobile product strategy using scenario planning"



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Each year, we work on strategies and product plans for our clients around the world that end up touching millions of consumers worldwide and do behind-the-scenes research, due-diligence, and analysis work on several critical deals and transactions that move our industry forward. But, rarely do we talk or write about them, due to obvious reasons.

However, last year, I got an opportunity to briefly write about some of the strategy work. On the request of Dr. Basole at Georgia Tech, my colleague Sami Muneer (Sr. Director, Enabling Solutions at SAP – responsible for all things mobile) and I drew from some of the long-term strategy and product planning work we had done for SAP to put together a paper on “Enterprise mobile product strategy using scenario planning.” SAP is the leading global enterprise player and their view of the world is both comprehensive and long-term. It was a privilege to work with their global team on the project.

Our paper is being published as a chapter in the just released book “Enterprise Mobility: Applications, Technologies and Strategies” (IOS Press, Amsterdam. 272 pages, Editor R. Basole, 2008) as part of The Tennenbaum Institute Series on Enterprise Systems. The chapter is also being published in the special issue of peer-reviewed International Knowledge Systems Management (IKSM) journal published by Georgia Tech.

The book is a collection of 13 chapters from academics and practitioners in enterprise mobility. I often use scenario planning techniques when doing long-term strategic assessment and forecasting. In this chapter, we hope to provide a framework for scenario planning in mobile that can go across verticals, applications, and services.

You can download the chapter here.

IKSM is making available all the chapters online (for free) if you register for a free one year subscription.

For those interested in reading the paper copy can order the book here.

Book Introduction

As the number of enterprises using mobile ICT increases, it becomes imperative to have a more complete understanding of what value and impact enterprise mobility has, what drives and enables it, and in what ways it can and will transform the nature and practices of work, organizational cultures, business processes, supply chains, enterprises, and potentially entire markets. Enterprise mobility is therefore a topic of great interest to both scholars and practitioners. Enterprise Mobility: Researching a new paradigm aims to contribute to and extend both our theoretical and practical understanding of enterprise mobility by exploring the necessary strategic, technological, and economic considerations, adoption and implementation motivators and inhibitors, usage contexts, social implications, human-centered design issues, support requirements, and transformative impacts. The main objective is to discuss applications, technologies, strategies, theories, frameworks, contexts, case studies, and analyses that provide insights into the growing reality of enterprise mobility for scholars and practicing managers. This volume contains thirteen articles from leading scholars and practitioners and includes an examination of the changing nature of work, work practices, and the work environment; a discussion of critical enablers of enterprise mobility; authors exploring strategic considerations; and insightful case studies of enterprise mobility across multiple domains. Together, the articles explore enterprise mobility across the entire continuum.

Enterprise mobile product strategy using scenario planning

Author(s): Sami Muneer and Chetan Sharma

The Mobile industry is changing at a rapid pace and so is the behavior of enterprise workforce which uses mobile technologies. When planning for a long-term product roadmap, one has to consider a myriad of evolution trends and forecasts to determine the probable list of product functionality and their introduction timing in the lifecycle of the product. One has to look at the technology trends by market, the competitive landscape, and the mobile worker adoption trends. However, one can only come up with a prioritized list of capabilities by taking into context the company’s own core competencies, skill sets, and overall mission. This paper looks at how mobile product companies can use scenario-planning methodology to formulate their product strategy and roadmap.

The listing of the chapters is as follows:

  • Enterprise mobility: Researching a new paradigm

  • The convergence of wireless, mobility, and the Internet and its relevance to enterprises

  • Business mobility: A changing ecosystem

  • A socio-technical perspective of mobile work

  • Designing productive spaces for mobile workers: Role insights from network analysis

  • Telecommuting and corporate culture: Implications for the mobile enterprise

  • User requirements of mobile technology: A summary of research results

  • Mobile interaction design: Integrating individual and organizational perspectives

  • A comparative anatomy of mobile enterprise applications: Towards a framework of software reuse

  • Protecting data on mobile devices: A taxonomy of security threats to mobile computing and review of applicable defenses

  • Enterprise mobility and support outsourcing: A research model and initial findings

  • Enterprise mobile product strategy using scenario planning

  • The strategic value of enterprise mobility: Case study insights

  • Exploring enterprise mobility: Lessons from the field

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Chetan Sharma


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IEEE Press/John Wiley

Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence

"In this book, Vern and Chetan have done a remarkable job in laying out every aspect of this critically important and demanding topic. Read it from cover to cover, enjoy it all, and be satisfied in knowing what every modern planner, manager, and educated citizen should know about the world’s future"

From the foreword by Mark Anderson CEO, Strategic News Service and SNS Project Inkwell

"Vern and Chetan have written an insightful book that takes a refreshing multi-dimensional approach to the wireless broadband industry"

Dr. Hyun Oh Yoo, former CEO, SK Communications, CEO SKT Holdings America Inc.

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