Edge Internet

“Your insight to the Edge Computing market is second to none” – Caroline Chan, VP & GM – Edge Computing, Intel

Every decade or so we enter a new computing paradigm oscillating between centralized and distributed. After reaping the benefits of mobile+cloud, the Connected Intelligence Edge is going to transform industries and create new use cases. Powered by sensors, compute and transmit power, and data and AI, many industries such as agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, aviation, media, and others can benefit. We know that the amount of data that is going to be generated per day will grow exponentially. For example, in the U.S., average household consumes roughly 8 GB/day as of 2017. This is expected to grow more than 10x to 85 GB/day by end of the decade.

As has been our track record, we have been working on understanding the Edge for quite some time, the business models, the architectures, the reshuffling of the ecosystem, the applications and services that will come about, and more. You will hear about the research that expands on these topics in more detail. We have been working with some of the leading companies in the space and have valuable insights into the trajectory of how Edge Internet is going to shape the tech ecosystem.

Some of the papers are:

Edge Computing Framework

5G Mobile Edge Computing: Redefining the Sports Experience (in partnership with Intel)

Edge Internet Economy: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Ecosystem Opportunity