DoCoMo Labs Masters of Innovation

DoCoMo Labs Masters of Innovation

Yesterday, I had the honor to present at DoCoMo Labs annual Masters of Innovation program in Palo Alto along with Julie Ask of Jupiter and Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies. The event was made possible by Richard Felix of Aesthetics Scientist. The theme for the afternoon was “What’s to come in the next 2-3 years?” Given my recent work on Mobile Advertising, I talked about what we can expect in the coming days, who the main players are going to be, etc.

Berna Erol, Senior Research Scientist from Ricoh California Research Center was present at the event and did a pretty nice summary. An excerpt below:

Chetan Sharma, President of Technology and Strategy Consulting, talked about mobile advertising. He made a good point that when thinking about mobile advertising one should not only think about cell phones but also other mobile devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, iPod Touch, etc.

Chetan emphasized that from advertisers point of view, the following points are most important:

1. Reach: How many people you can touch with your advertisement
2. Targeting/Purity: Reaching the right target audience
3. Effectiveness: Measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement, does user take any action?
4. Efficiency: Getting the benefit and revenue increase for the money spent on advertising.

Clearly mobile advertising has advantages especially in advertising targeting and measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement.

            Chetan predicts that mobile advertisement will be
            bigger than online advertisement and the mobile ad business
            has potential to be $20B industry by 2013.

When I was listening Chetan I was thinking how annoying it would be to receive mobile advertisements. Then, unknowingly Chetan made a comment and made me a believer: He thinks that idle screen of mobile phones are the holly grail of mobile advertisement, everything will start from there. He thinks, and I agree, people would be willing to receive advertisement and coupon on their idle screen, especially in exchange for reduced monthly mobile provider fees. Another good point was that the location based advertisements (e.g., a restaurant coupon can be delivered when you are close by) would be very important in the near future.

Julie had some really good insights into the social networking impact on mobile while Tim talked the consumer adoption of various technologies over time. Like most, he is a big fan of iPhone.

After our presentations, Ken of Kenradio fame moderated a 90 minute panel discussion and we covered pretty much everything under the sun.

Btw, just for the record, i talked quite a bit about the steps necessary to help enable the market reach $20B in 5 years. Lot of work needs to be done and we have to watch the trigger points.