CTIA: Monetizing User-Generated Content: A Symbiotic Approach

CTIA: Monetizing User-Generated Content: A Symbiotic Approach

I will be participating in a workshop on how to make money from user-generated content. Hope to see you some of you there.

9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Tuesday, March 31

Workshop 02 | Room S230
Monetizing User-Generated Content: A Symbiotic Approach

Successful monetization strategies around user-generated content need to follow a basic axiom:  they cannot leave the mobile operator out of the value chain. The most prevalent strategy employed today by sites that offer mobile UGC content creation/consumption/management is to accumulate users at any cost, and grow large enough to let advertising revenue help break even. 

A more beneficial and long-term monetization model is one that works in collaboration with the mobile operator. Any monetization strategy with UGC must consider that UGC is moving from text and pictures to video, which consumes a lot of bandwidth. Second, the mobile operator still has direct reach to millions of subscribers, and can help achieve a critical mass, preventing the undesirable outcome that mobile UGC becomes a ‘niche’ experience for only tech-savvy users.

This session will explore how operators can create these UGC offerings, netting mutual benefits for both operators and vendors.


Aashu Virmaniworkshop_02.asp

Aashu Virmani
Head of Marketing
Aylus Networks

Dr. Virmani is head of marketing and product direction at Aylus. He was responsible for architecting and implementing parts of Winphoria’s (now Motorola’s) Push-to-Talk solution and was an architect for the Lucent SoftSwitch. Dr. Virmani has PhD CS, holds many patents and has spoken at many industry events.


Christoph Aktas

Christoph Aktas
Director, Next Generation Voice and Multimedia Business Line
Nokia Siemens Networks

Mr. Aktas is director within the Next Generation Voice and Multimedia Business Line of Nokia Siemens Networks and located in Munich, Germany and managing strategic partnerships. He is representing Nokia Siemens Networks in the GSMA RCS Industry Initiative.

Chetan Sharma

Nagappan Arunachalam
Chief Marketing Officer
NewBay Software

Dr. Arunachalam is responsible for driving the product and strategic development of the company. He maintains the company’s global leadership in providing successful digital lifestyle services to mobile operators with the innovative NewBay LifeCache product suite.

Steve Glagow

Steve Glagow
Vice President, Marketing Operations

Mr. Glagow is responsible for Orange Partner, which is the worldwide partner and developer programme from Orange. This program provides mobile application and content developers with the tools required to build solutions that satisfy the requirements of a 100 million-plus customer base across the globe. Mr. Galgow joined Orange in December 2003 from Hewlett-Packard where he was director of software developer programs.

Daren Gill

Daren Gill
Vice President and General Manager

Mr. Gill serves as vice president and general manager of Veveo’s consumer video service, vTap. In 2008, vTap delivered web-based video to over 10 million mobile consumers in over 150 countries. Veveo’s unique approach to video search, discovery and personalization is now powering video applications for CBS, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Verizon and Telecom Italia. Mr. Gill has 13 years of media and entertainment experience having performed a broad range of roles including executive management, marketing, and product development.

Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma
Chetan Sharma Consulting

Mr. Sharma is one of the leading strategists in the mobile industry. He has served as an advisor to senior executive management of several Fortune 100 companies in the wireless space, and is the author or co-author of five best-selling books on wireless.

Doug Tucker
Tucker Consulting

Mr. Tucker has been instrumental in driving innovative strategies for companies in the enterprise and carrier markets. Most recently, he was the chief technology officer of Tatara Systems, an Acton-based network infrastructure company.