Chetan Sharma Consulting participates in and organizes several events throughout the year. Two of them have distinct CSC flavor of top-notch speakers, informed discussion, and useful networking.


Mobile Breakfast Series is a quarterly event that brings together thought leaders and visionaries from the global mobile industry to interact and share ideas, insights, and best practices with the pacific northwest entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and others who are passionate about mobile. The event will be held every three months in the Seattle area over breakfast with ample time for networking.


MBS Speaker Alumni


Rob Glaser, Founder, Chairman, RealNetworks Inc

Kevin Martin, Partner, Patton Boggs and former FCC Chairman

Neville Ray, Senior Vice President of Engineering, T-Mobile USA

Hank Skorny, Senior Vice President, Media Cloud Computing and Services, Real Networks

Ken Denman, CEO, Openwave

Dow Draper, Vice President, Technology Partnerships, Clearwire

Charlie Martin, Wireless CTO, Huawei Technologies

Stacey Higginbotham, Senior Writer, GigaOM

Mike Woodward, VP, Mobile Device Portfolio, AT&T

Marianne Marck, SVP, Technology, Blue Nile

Michael Mace, Principal, Rubicon Consulting

Jim Hudak, VP & GM The Americas, INQMobile

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Summary from Previous Mobile Breakfast Series Events

- Mobile Breakfast Series III (Mar 2010)

- Mobile Breakfast Series II (Dec 2009)

- Mobile Breakfast Series I (Sept 2009)

Mobile Future Forward is a gathering of some of the most influential minds in the mobile industry who are helping shape the industry. The experts and visionaries from around the globe will discuss the mobile industry 2-5 years forward, envision what the user experience and use case scenarios look like, discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the journey to that vision.


Confirmed Speakers


Steve Elfman, President, Sprint, BOD, Clearwire

Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

Subba Rao, CEO, TataDoCoMo,

Stephen David, Former CIO, Proctor & Gamble,

Mike Sievert, Chief Commercial Officer, Clearwire

Bud Albers, CTO, Disney,

Louis Gump, VP Mobile, CNN,

Paul Palmieri, Founder and CEO, Millennial Media,

Dr. Sailesh Chutani, CEO, Mobisante,

Abhi Ingle, VP, AT&T Wireless,

Henry Tirri, SVP, Head of Research, Nokia,

Ken Denman, CEO, Openwave,

Amir Mashkoori, CEO, Kovio,

Charlie Martin, CTO - Wireless, Huawei Technologies,

Dr. Genevieve Bell, Intel Fellow, User Experience, Intel,

Hank Skorny, SVP, Real Networks,

Jon Stross, VP & GM - Babycenter, Johnson & Johnson,

Dr. Suzanne Sysko, Chief Medical Officer, WellDoc,

Dr. Boris Nikolic, Sr. Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,

Krishna Vedati, SVP & GM - Mobile, AT&T Interactive,

Chris Dean, Chief Strategy Officer, Skype,

Russ McGuire, VP, Sprint Nextel,

David Weiden, General Partner, Khosla Ventures


Seattle, Sept 8th

Discussion Topics

 Three Screen Nirvana

 When Mobile Advertising dominates

 A 50 year Telecom Policy and Regulation Manifesto

 Evolution of mobile networks - 3.5G/4G and beyond

 What will Japan do next?

 Managing profits and growth in the Yottabyte era

 It is an app world after all

 Forecast of Mobile Cloud Computing?

 How to play in the Chinese and Indian mobile markets?

 mHealth, mRetail, mPayments, mTelepresence

 What’s in the research labs?

 Evolution of Communication, privacy, secuirty

 Emerging Devices

 Mobile Anthropology

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