Connected Intelligence

We have been a big fan of work done by economists on the long waves. The basic thesis is that the technology waves come in 30-40 year cycles and follow similar patterns. This was first observed and written about by Nikolai Kondratiev in 1925 and later by Joseph Schumpeter. Lately, the work of the Venezuelan economist, Carlota Perez has carried the work forward. Building upon this tremendous body of work, we posited that perhaps we are entering a new technology cycle built on the shoulders of Telecom and Internet innovations of the last four decades. The new cycle of Connected Intelligence is empowered by the sensors and AI algorithms that makes most things smart, connected, and autonomous.

When billions of sensors powered by unlimited computing power start working with yottabytes of data and programmable Connected Intelligence algorithms, Connected Intelligence truly becomes the Brain of the Global Economy. We have tried to capture our vision for the future in two papers in the series: “Connected Intelligence Era: The Golden Age of Mobile” and “The History and the Future of Connected Intelligence.” We are so sure about this transformation that our last three books focused on the subject. Our Mobile Future Forward annual summits have also taken the discussion around Connected Intelligence to the next level of detail and conversation. Every industry is going to be redefined by Connected Intelligence and we are providing insights, strategic guidance, and research at the center of this generational transformation.