Connected Intelligence 2030: Announcing Themes and Topics

Connected Intelligence 2030: Announcing Themes and Topics


Connected Intelligence is defined by a set of technologies that are going to alter the ecosystem stack of every industry. As a result, the next 10 years will be more disruptive than the previous 100. Amidst this period of synchronous S-curves and overlapping ecosystems, there are new questions that are being raised about the future scenarios, trajectories, alliances and business models.

Over the years, Mobile Future Forward has played a key role in the discussion of opportunities many years before they become mainstream – the mobile data tsunami, the 4th wave, Connected Intelligence, Privacy and Security, IoT and Industrial Automation, AI and Verticals, VR, Cybersecurity, Autonomous, 5G, Edge Internet, and much more.

Mobile Future Forward is about answering questions that have deep strategic and tactical significance with data and insights. It is about getting the right executives and entrepreneurs on the stage and asking the most pertinent questions that matter. That’s what makes the summit unique. This is the reason, over the course of 10 years, the summit has become industry’s premier brainstorming and strategy summit. Our goal is simple – bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry and empower the forum to give you the best insights possible.

I along with our wonderful partners invite you for an extraordinary day of insights, brainstorming, and networking.

Best wishes,
Chetan Sharma

Pioneers and Disruptors

As always, we endeavor to bring together the pioneers and leaders of the industry. We will be discussing following topics and much more. Register today to be part of this extraordinary day of brainstorm, insights and networking.

5G Roadmap and Opportunities
• Andre Fuetsch – President AT&T Labs and CTO, AT&T
• Dr. Durga Malladi, SVP & GM – 4G/5G, Qualcomm
• Marwan Fawaz, former CEO, Nest, Executive Advisor, Google
• Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile
• Dr. John Saw, CTO, Sprint
• John Baker, SVP, Mavenir
• Ina Fried, Chief Technology Correspondent, Axios

Connected Intelligence and Industrial Automation
• Chris Penrose – President – IoT Solutions, AT&T
• Mohamed Kande, Vice Chairman, PwC

Connected Intelligence: 4th Wave & Monetization 
• Glenn Lurie, President & CEO, Synchronoss

Cybersecurity – Preparing for the Next Decade
• Dr. Andrea Little Limbago, Chief Social Scientist, Virtru
• Shawn Edwards, Chief Security Officer, RSA
• Ann Johnson, CVP – Cybersecurity, Microsoft
• Jay Greene, Technology Reporter, The Washington Post
• Bobbie Stempfley, Director, CERT, Carnegie Mellon University

Future of Transportation
• Hank Skorny, President – Connected Services, Aptiv
• Kartik Tiwari, CTO and Co-Founder, Starsky Robotics
• Tara Pham, CEO and Founder, Numina

Edge Internet Economy
• Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, CEO and Co-Founder, AlefEdge
• Doug Suriano, SVP and GM, Oracle Communications
• Dr. Hossein Moiin, Chief Product Officer, Engineered Fluids

Business Model Disruption
• Dr. Sarjoun Skaff, CTO and Co-Founder, Bossa Nova Robotics
• Biju Nair, CEO, HYLA Mobile
• Nick Desai, CEO and Co-Founder, Heal
• Dana Arnold, COO, Measurabl

Interfaces for the Future
• Gabriel Jones, CEO and Co-Founder, Proprio Vision
• Steve Willey, CEO and Co-Founder, Innovega
• Jeff Bradley, Advisor and former SVP, AT&T
• Eugene Chung, CEO and Founder, Penrose Studios

Investment in Connected Intelligence Technologies
• Dina Bass, Seattle Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News
• Shankar Chandran, Senior Vice President, Samsung
• Paul Palmieri, Managing Partner, Grit Capital Partners
• Terry Myerson, Venture Partner, Madrona