CCA Keynote: Realizing the 5G Promise

CCA Keynote: Realizing the 5G Promise

I will be giving the keynote on 5G and its opportunities this wednesday at CCA’s annual summit in Denver followed by a moderated panel discussion. Looking forward

9:00am – 9:50am: Keynote Session: Realizing the 5G Promise After a very successful technology cycle of 4G, industry is setting its sight on 5G that is likely to usher in a new set of capabilities that will create new ecosystems, billion-dollar startups, high-paying jobs, and bring about substantial change in the global economy. To truly realize the potential of 5G, new techniques and methodologies are needed to deal with the continued growth of data traffic that is unlikely to slow down for the foreseeable future. One must take a systems approach to manage the diverse requirements and driving down the costs and monetize the new opportunities. This session will take a critical look at 5G, what it means to the wireless industry and what mobile operators can do to redefine themselves to participate in the 5G economy.

Chetan Sharma, Founder & CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting – moderator

Paul Challoner, VP Network Product Solutions, Ericsson

Bob Everson, Global Director, Mobility and 5G,

Cisco Brian Pickering, VP of 5G Product Sales North America, Nokia

Craig Sparks, Chief Innovation Officer, C Spire

Eric Woody, Chief Technical and Operations Officer, Union Wireless

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