Carnival of Mobilists #169

Carnival of Mobilists #169

Last week at CTIA in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to meet many of my friends and colleagues, old and new. Such events remind us that it is the people you associate with that makes our industry vibrant and exciting. This week, it is my pleasure to showcase and celebrate the thinking and work of my friends, many of whom I have known for many years. Most have written important books for our industry and others have at least a tome in them.

Picture Tomi T Ahonen 3G Strategy Consultant, his book Services for UMTS out in March 2002My PhotoMe


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In no particular order, they are:

First up is Ajit Jaokar, co-author of recent book “Social Media Marketing,” discussing an important issue of opening up the carrier network. He writes an in-depth post on how telecom companies should be thinking about open as we get into the 4G era. Very Interesting commentary.

Tomi Ahonen is one of the most prolific writers I have come across in the wireless industry. He has written more words than many read in a lifetime. Off late, our industry has been wondering if they will ever be able to monetize mobile social networking. Tomi in his usual flair points through case studies and examples, a way forward. Also, checkout his indispensable Pearls series.

At CTIA (BRIC event), I was impressed with the discussion of Zeebo by Mike Yuen at Qualcomm. Martin Sauter, author of Beyond 3G, an important book of the evolving ecosystem, writes about Zeebo: Gaming for the next billion.

Russ Buckley, a tireless advocate of Mobile Advertising and all things mobile pens a very interesting piece by tweaking George Orwell’s classic “1984.” Pour your tea and dive into the post.

Judy Breck, author of several books including the latest – Intertwingle, is the energy behind the Carnival who keeps all of us straight. She is also a big proponent of learning and education. A big cheer for her. She talks about Russ Buckley’s post on the new Sprint’s commercial.

Lately, our industry has been consumed by 4G. Volker Hirsch takes a look at how 4G might influence the mobile gaming environment.

Ernest Doku of also writes about the theme that Ajit picked up – Should networks fear Skype?

James Cooper at mjelly summarizes the key iPhone app stats.

Andrew Grill, a great evangelist for the mobile advertising industry discusses the recent survey by KPMG which has some key insights into the mobile ad market.

Barbara Ballard, author of Designing the Mobile User Experience and an important voice of reason in the mobile industry writes about her latest initiative on mobile SEO. Check it out and contribute.

Tam Hanna looks at the Symbian ecosystem from a developer’s point of view.

James Pearce of dotMobi raises some interesting thoughts regarding mobile maps.

My own 2c to the conversation is in the form of my CTIA 2009 Roundup.

You can catch many of the the colleagues listed above at the upcoming Future Technologies Conference on April 24th.

Finally,  a shout-out to our friends at MOMO Amsterdam. They host some of the best MOMO events anywhere in the world and have a great line-up coming up on June 1.

I will encourage you to add these blogs to your RSS feed, follow these guys on twitter, chase them at conferences, and call upon them when in doubt.

Next carnival is going to be hosted at TamsBlackberry. Be sure to create and submit your best posts.

Until next time, best wishes.