Calling all students: Mobile Future Forward 2010

Calling all students: Mobile Future Forward 2010


We are super excited to launch a student paper contest along with our Mobile Future Forward Conference. It is in proud partnership with Intel.


Details below

The Event

Mobile Future Forward is an executive summit attracting some of the most influential minds who are shaping the mobile industry. The experts and visionaries from around the globe will discuss the mobile industry 2-5 years forward, envision what the user experience and use case scenarios look like, discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the journey to that vision.

The Contest

The best student paper contest is open to universities and research institutes around the world. Your task is to help us imagine new technologies, new experiences, new applications and services, new use cases, new business models of the mobile future. The paper can be on a specific technical or business subject within the mobile industry from mobile teleportation to fuel cells to a new enterprise collaboration tool and everything in between. The idea is to let your imagination fly without any restrictions and dream of what’s possible in the next 5-10 years. Papers can be about technical solutions to the most pressing problems, about new revenue models, about your vision of how mobile will be used in the future, etc. Paper length: 1000-1500 words.

The Prize

Authors of the top two outstanding papers will get a travel expenses paid trip to attend the conference and mingle with the who’s who of the wireless industry. Winners will also be eligible for more prizes. Please send in your entries by July 15th,2010 to including a copy of your current student ID. Use of graphics and illustrations is encouraged. A panel of industry experts will vote on the best papers. They will be ranked on originality, ambitiousness, creativity, depth, and clarity of vision. The goal of the contest is to bring out and reward the best thinking from the leaders of tomorrow.

The Judges

Pankaj Kedia, Head of Mobile Ecosystems, Intel
Len Barlik, VP, Sprint Nextel
Jeff Giard, Director, Clearwire
Hank Skorny, SVP, Real Networks
Paul Palmieri, CEO, Millennial Media
Matt Oommen, CTO, Sprint Nextel

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If you work with students or universities, please help us spread the word about the contest. Thanks in advance.