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Request for Input–Mobile Predictions Survey 2014 December 16, 2013

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Dear friends,

Trust that the end of a fabulous mobile year is treating you well. Wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and best wishes for a terrific 2014.

As is the tradition, we are doing our 7th Annual Mobile Predictions Survey for 2014. I would like to request your input in the process. We rely on our community and colleagues to help us understand the trends for the upcoming year. (Previous surveys – 2008-13 - http://chetansharma.com/research.htm)

The questions are:

1. What was most newsworthy in Mobile 2013?

2. What will be the biggest mobile stories of 2014?

3. Who are the top 4 important players in the mobile ecosystem?

4. What will be the breakthrough categories in mobile in 2014?

5. What will be the most popular consumer mobile applications in 2014?

6. Which will be the most dominant tablet platform in 2 years?

7. Who will make the biggest mobile acquisition in 2014?

8. Who will dominate the mobile payment/commerce space?

9. Which solutions will gain the most traction for managing mobile data broadband consumption?

10. Which category will generate the most mobile data revenue in 2014?

11. Which European operator is likely to emerge stronger from the weak economic climate?

12. When will mobile commerce be greater than ecommerce?

13. The company bringing the most successful mobile gadget of the year - 2013 and 2014?

14. Which platform has a credible shot at becoming a viable and durable 3rd ecosystem in mobile?

15. Mobile company of the year - 2013 and 2014?

16. Which of the following are likely to happen in 2014?

17. Which operator is best positioned for the digital world?

18. What category will be impacted the most by mobile in the next 5 years?

19. Which segments are likely to get disintermediated the most by algorithms in the next 5 years?

20. Who was and will be the mobile person of the year?

The survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N6WPLZQ

As an incentive, we will be giving away 10 copies of our exclusive edition Mobile Future Forward 2013 book (Mobile 4th wave: Mining the trillion dollar opportunity) that is a collection of essays and interviews from some of the most influential mobile executives on the future of mobile.

Deadline: Dec 30th. Results will be released in early January.

Thanks and see you in 2014.



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