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Request for input – Mobile Predictions Survey 2013 December 14, 2012

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As is the tradition, we are doing our Annual Mobile Predictions Survey for 2013. I would like to request your input in the process. We rely on our community and colleagues to help us understand the trends for the upcoming year. (Previous surveys – 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008).

The questions are:

1. What was most newsworthy in Mobile 2012?

2. What will be the biggest mobile stories of 2013?

3. Who will be the most open player in the mobile ecosystem in 2013?

4. Who are the top 4 important players in the mobile ecosystem?

5. What will be the breakthrough categories in mobile in 2013?

6. What will be the most popular consumer mobile applications in 2013?

7. Which will be the most dominant tablet platform in 2 years?

8. Who will make the biggest mobile acquisition in 2013?

9. How will the "Apps vs. Mobile Web" debate shape up in 2013?

10. Who will dominate the mobile payment/commerce space?

11. Which solutions will gain the most traction for managing mobile data broadband consumption?

12. Which category will generate the most mobile data revenue in 2013?

13. Which European operator is likely to emerge stronger from the current economic climate?

14. When will mobile commerce be greater than ecommerce?

15. The company bringing the most successful mobile gadget of the year – 2012 and 2013?

16. Which platform has a credible shot at becoming a viable and durable 3rd ecosystem in mobile?

17. Mobile company of the year – 2012 and 2013?

18. Which of the following are likely to happen in 2013?

19. Which operator is best positioned for the digital world?

20. Who was and will be the mobile person of the year?

The survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5LNC262

As an incentive, we will be giving away 25 copies of our limited edition Mobile Future Forward 2012 book that is a collection of essays and interviews from some of the most influential mobile executives on the future of mobile.

Deadline: Dec 28th. Results will be released in early January.

Thanks and see you in 2013.

Mobile Breakfast Series Recap – Mobile 2013 December 13, 2012

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The Mobile Breakfast Series Event returned back to its home ground in Seattle after a detour to Atlanta and London earlier this year. As is the tradition, we go into the pontification mode for the last event and assemble experts to help us gauge what’s going to be exciting in the coming year, the shakeups that are coming and what should we keep an eye on.





The panelists were:

Zaw Thet, Advisor, Signia Venture Partners

Zaw is a veteran entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of search, social networking, mobile, and adtech since the age of 19. Most recently Zaw was the founder and CEO of 4INFO, one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world. Business Week recognized him as one the “Mobile Barons” helping to shape the mobile ad industry since 2004.

Omar Javaid, Managing Director, BBO Global

Omar is the managing director of BBO Global, a boutique advisory and early stage venture firm in the wireless and media space. Prior to BBO, Omar Javaid is Vice President, Product Management of Emerging Technologies Group at Motorola Mobility, a Google company. He was part of the executive team that lead the successful turn-around of Motorola, culminating in the $12.5B acquisition by Google. In this role, he was responsible for next generation smart phone and convergence products Motorola Mobility.

Tracy Isacke, Director of Investments and Business Development, Telefonica Digital

Tracy started her career at Xerox, rising to be the first female member of the UK Board, leading a team of over 450 people. Tracy joined Telefónica in 2006 as the head of the Enterprise Sales Team for O2 UK, then she led on Telefónica’s $207m acquisition of Jajah, the Valley-based VOIP/IP Telephony company. Tracy is currently spearheading the growth of Telefónica Digital as Director of Investments and Business Development, focusing primarily on Silicon Valley, Israel and Europe, with a growing team of half a dozen employees, based in Mountain View, Madrid, London and Tel Aviv.

Todd Achilles, VP, Mobility, Hewlett-Packard Company

Todd Achilles is Vice President, Mobility for HP’s Printing and Personal Systems business unit, where he leads strategy and execution for delivering a connected experience to HP customers. Todd has spent his career in product, marketing, sales and engineering roles within telecommunications sector, including leadership positions with HTC and T-Mobile USA.

What is in store for Mobile 2013?

2012 has been an incredible year for mobile. We crossed several key industry milestones – 6.5B subscriptions, 1B subscriptions in China, 1B broadband subscriptions, 500M android activations, Apple’s monstrous march towards $1T market cap. We also saw Amazon’s aggressive moves in the mobile space, Facebook eclipsing 1B active users, and Nokia/Microsoft/RIM trying to stem the tide. Some big M&A maneuvers throughout the year. All this is setting up a very exciting Mobile 2013. There was a lot to discuss – from the tussles of Apple and Android to opportunities in commerce and big data, from Microsoft’s comeback to challenges in managing the network growth and consumer expectations. We assembled a stellar panel of mobile veterans to help us brainstorm what the big trends, big movers and shakers, and the big opportunities of 2013.

Below is the summary of the discussion:

  • Post-PC or PC+
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Digital Telcos
  • Hardware
  • Commerce
  • Misc
  • It was a lively discussion and I could have easily gone on for another 2-3 hours. Our audience is always top-notch and is highly educated about the nuances of the industry as was evident from the questions. 2012 was the year when Mobile Breakfast Series spread its wings and went to Atlanta and London. We had a great time putting together each of the events in 2012 and we have many more planned for 2013, so stay tuned.

    Our annual thought-leadership summit – Mobile Future Forward returns in Sept 2013. More details to come.

    From all of us at Chetan Sharma Consulting, we wish you and yours a great holiday season and a terrific 2013.

    Finally, as we do it every year, we launched our Annual Mobile Predictions Survey for 2013. There will be prizes for the 25 lucky winners. Be sure to share your thoughts. The survey ends Dec 28th. We will release the results in January.

    Until then,

    have a good time.