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Mobile App – E911 on Steroids September 12, 2012

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As we all know mobile apps have changed how we do common things with the mobile phones. One of the key features of the device has always been to call 911 in the case of emergencies. But unlike the wired connection, the E911 implementation for mobile can be flaky – call can drop, GPS location is not completely available, one could move after the call is made making it harder for the law enforcement and medical authorities to help the calling party. One of the apps that is changing that has recently emerged is iHelp Plus which is a personal alarm, panic button tool and emergency support all in one -

How is this different than calling 911?  (If you call 911, police does not get exact location by default as it based on the cell tower location, it can take some time to get you help, you have to explain your emergency, your location etc.  In an emergency, every second counts. You may not have enough time to call 911, wait to be connected with a dispatch operator, and then provide all the necessary information for the appropriate authorities to respond. If that notification process is averted or interrupted, the opportunity to prevent or minimize the crisis is likely lost. If the crisis moves away from the original location, it may be impossible to locate you when emergency responders are dispatched. While the purpose of 911 is to report an emergency once it’s already in progress, iHelp+ can help you avoid an emergency altogether by alerting our team before something bad happens. In the monitored version, there is a real 24×7 alarm monitoring company like the one you use in your homes.  You get a live agent to get you help immediately.

HomeScreen - Final DelayedAlarm - Final

To me this takes E911 to a whole new level. Very useful for parents who can give out the app to their kids and to the elderly and college students who can use the tool to better protect themselves.


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