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LTE – Asia – Singapore September 14, 2012

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Over the weekend am heading over to Singapore for LTE – Asia where i am giving a keynote, chairing the Signaling day event, chairing a couple of tracks, and moderating a couple of panels – all in a couple of days. It will be fun and am looking forward to engaging with my colleagues across the pacific.

As you can see below it is a fun agenda and am looking forward to it.

08.50 Chairman’s Welcome
Chetan Sharma, Founder & President, Chetan Sharma Consulting, USA

09.00 APAC Signaling Market Overview
o How are vendors addressing the Diameter Signaling need?
o How are they positioning themselves and differentiating themselves?
o What are the demands for signaling solutions and how are operators addressing this need?
Chetan Sharma, Founder & President, Chetan Sharma Consulting, USA

11.45 Panel Discussion: When is the right time and what is the right way to deploy Diameter signaling solutions?
o Is it right to roll out a signaling product at the start of a commercial deployment of an LTE network?
o How much signaling traffic can be accommodated before the investment in a solution is essential?
o Is it necessary to have a standalone solution, independent of other network equipment?
o What is the difference between deployment of Diameter and legacy signaling solutions?
Jason Emery, Director Product Management, Tekelec
Sadayuki Abeta, Director, Radio Access Network Department, NTT Docomo, Japan
Peter Nas, Senior Solution Architect, F5 Traffix

Sept 18th

Track 3 ‐ Service Provision & 3rd Party Collaboration
Chaired By: Chetan Sharma, Founder & President, Chetan Sharma Consulting, USA
12.10 Empowering Broadband Business Innovation – is your OSS/BSS holding back your business growth and stifling innovation?
‐ Enable customer experience management
‐ Enable broadband service innovation and monetization
‐ Enable business efficiency and agility
Tom Darell, Regional Head of OSS‐BSS, South East Asia & Oceania, Ericsson

12.30 Operator partnerships with internet players / OTT
‐ Revenue sharing models and options
‐ Who really ‘owns’ the customer in these scenarios?
‐ Improving the end‐user experience through operators / OTT partnerships

Ian Chin, COO, BesTV, China
12.50 Efficient collaboration and revenue sharing
models between OTT Content Providers and Operators
‐ Partnering with OTT players to monetize traffic and improve the user experience
‐ Challenges to operators looking to provide independent end‐to‐end services
‐ Revenue sharing models and market differentiation strategies
Jay Klein, CTO, Allot Communication
13.10 LGU+’s LTE go‐to‐market strategy
‐ Raising the ARPU and gaining more than 100% share in net‐additional subscribers
‐ Changing the LTE brand preference from 3rd to 1st in the market ‐ Leveraging the world‐first nation‐wide LTE coverage & only HD mobile TV service in Korea
‐ Drastic data plan & promotional offer

Hojoon Lee, General Manager, LG U+, South Korea

14.30 Panel Discussion: Monetisation of apps & OTT
‐ How can operators monetize the rapidly expanding application industry?
‐ Which OTT services will be the biggest revenue (and traffic) drivers?
‐ Examining the advertising opportunity – target marketing to drive revenues
Moderator: Zoran Vasiljev, Managing Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group, Singapore
Chaminda Senewiratne, Head of Data and Broadband Services, Vodafone, Fiji
Michel Guiragossian, Senior Marketing Manager, Subscription Payment, Gemalto
Jason Emery, Director Product Management, Tekelec
Bala Venkat, Sales Director (South East Asia),

The Now Factory
15.00 Service differentiation
‐ Improving end user QoS with a fresh outlook to entertainment and gaming services
‐ Which services over LTE will improve the user experience and reduce churn?
‐ How to increase revenues off the back of service differentiation
‐ Is it possible to charge content providers / OTTs rather than the end user?
Yijing Brentano, Vice President, International
Markets, Sprint
15.20 Applications / social media management ‐ Handling everything being ‘applified’
‐ Huge consumers of signaling & data traffic
‐ Impacts on network quality
Guillaume Le Mener, Director, Globel Product Marketing, Tektronix Communications
15.40 Networking Refreshment Break
16.40 Panel Discussion: Video provision over mobile networks in APAC – driving data usage while increasing returns
‐ Each user on average uses 5x more video data over LTE networks
‐ Content providers – their role in network development
‐ Optimising the mobile video experience
‐ Dumb pipe or content owner? Analysing the various business model options
Debashis Panigrahi, Chief Software
Engineer, R&D, Allot Communication
Hojoon Lee, General Manager, LG U+, South Korea
David Williams PhD, Partner and Lead Digital
Strategist, AsiaDigitalMojo, Hong Kong

Connected Consumer 2012 September 13, 2012

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Connected Consumer 2012



We just concluded another successful Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit on Monday. The theme of the summit was Connected Universe. Monetizing Opportunities. During my opening, I discussed some results from the research we just completed on Connected Devices. This note summarizes the findings.

If we just look at the active connected devices which can connect to the Internet directly either by wireless or wired means, either using cellular or WLAN, the total number of connected devices in the globe just crossed the 10 billion mark which means that the connected device to human ratio is now 1.3.

· 70% of the connected devices use some form of wireless connection.

· In the US, roughly 80% of the devices use some form of wireless connection.

· For the US Household survey, we asked 1014 HHs about the number of connected devices in their households.

Download pdf (1 MB)

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We will be keeping a close eye on the trends in the wireless data sector in our blog, twitter feeds, future research reports, and articles. The next US Wireless Data Market update will be released in Nov 2012. The next Global Wireless Data Market update will be issued in Oct 2012.

Mobile Future Forward 2012 Book – Connected Universe. Monetizing Opportunities.

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We just concluded another sold-out and successful Mobile Future Forward on monday. As is the tradition, we released our annual thought-provoking book containing some brilliant essays and interviews from leaders in the industry.

We requested some of our speakers and industry leaders to put their ideas on paper. We are very grateful to all the authors and interviewees who survived our grueling publication schedule. Hopefully, this collection will give you a good insights into how these leaders view the emerging landscape. Our thanks to Dan Hesse, Glenn Lurie, Mark Hillman, Stephen Bye, Kevin Packingham, Rebecca Prudhomme, Doug Suriano, Biju Nair, Vince Spinelli, Wim Sweldens, Erik Moreno, Abhi Ingle, and Carlos Domingo.

The thought-pieces and the interviews in this book are:

1. Operator’s Dilemma (And Opportunity): The Fourth Wave – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

2. Q&A with Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Nextel

3. The “Aha” Moment – The Case for the Embedded Tablet – Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

4. Wasted Mobile Data – The $1B problem for Operators – Mark Hillman, SVP, Compuware

5. Q&A with Vince Spinelli, Managing Director, Juniper Networks

6. Growing the Fourth Revenue Wave – It is Now or Never – Biju Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss Technologies

7. LTE is here and now. What’s Next? – Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint

8. Evolution of mobile phones: Consumer demand drives the evolution – Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officer, Samsung

9. Q&A with Rebecca Prudhomme, VP, Amdocs

10. Mobile Operators as ‘Enablers’ to personalized ‘Anywhere, AnyTime’ Services – Doug Suriano, CTO, Tekelec

11. Q&A with Wim Sweldens, President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless

12. The FUTURE of web is mobile – Carlos Domingo, CEO, Telefonica R&D

13. Q&A with Erik Moreno, SVP, Fox Networks

14. Mobile Patents Landscape – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

15. Industries That Will Never Be the Same Again – Abhi Ingle, VP, AT&T Services, Inc.

These brilliant pieces delve into all facets of the mobile economy from the chipsets to the applications, from new monetization strategies to innovative business models, from supply-chain dynamics to spectrum issues, from competitiveness to collaboration, from cloud computing to connected devices, and from data analytics to connecting with the consumers, and much more. The authors are executives who are deeply engaged in accelerating the evolution of the mobile industry, their insights will give you practical advice on how to apply knowledge to your own businesses over the course of this decade.

The book was again produced in record time but it was an exhilarating ride. Thanks to all the authors and our publishing team for making this happen.

Mobile App – E911 on Steroids September 12, 2012

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As we all know mobile apps have changed how we do common things with the mobile phones. One of the key features of the device has always been to call 911 in the case of emergencies. But unlike the wired connection, the E911 implementation for mobile can be flaky – call can drop, GPS location is not completely available, one could move after the call is made making it harder for the law enforcement and medical authorities to help the calling party. One of the apps that is changing that has recently emerged is iHelp Plus which is a personal alarm, panic button tool and emergency support all in one –

How is this different than calling 911?  (If you call 911, police does not get exact location by default as it based on the cell tower location, it can take some time to get you help, you have to explain your emergency, your location etc.  In an emergency, every second counts. You may not have enough time to call 911, wait to be connected with a dispatch operator, and then provide all the necessary information for the appropriate authorities to respond. If that notification process is averted or interrupted, the opportunity to prevent or minimize the crisis is likely lost. If the crisis moves away from the original location, it may be impossible to locate you when emergency responders are dispatched. While the purpose of 911 is to report an emergency once it’s already in progress, iHelp+ can help you avoid an emergency altogether by alerting our team before something bad happens. In the monitored version, there is a real 24×7 alarm monitoring company like the one you use in your homes.  You get a live agent to get you help immediately.

HomeScreen - Final DelayedAlarm - Final

To me this takes E911 to a whole new level. Very useful for parents who can give out the app to their kids and to the elderly and college students who can use the tool to better protect themselves.

Partner Event: GigaOM’s Mobilize September 11, 2012

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September 20 & 21, 2012

UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

Friends of Chetan Sharma Consulting register here to save 20%.

GigaOM’s Mobilize conference will explore the technical and business opportunities spurred by the proliferation of connected devices, apps and the way it shapes the way we work, play and live. At Mobilize you’ll learn how people and enterprises need to think as we enter a mobile-first world.

Key topics include:

• Future mobile networks: See how the mobile network is evolving to become more intelligent and meet the capacity demand.

• Apponomics: Understand acquisition patterns, in-app user behavior, monetization trends and where new revenue opportunities lie.

• Devices: What’s the future of the smartphone and tablet? How will we interact with our devices?

• Startups: We’ll introduce a whole new crop of startups in the mobile space.

Featured key players in the mobile space include:

• Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint

• Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile

• Stephen Rayment, CTO, Ericsson Wi-Fi Products, Ericsson

• Jack Buser, Senior Director, PlayStation Digital Platforms, Sony Computer Entertainment America

• Chris Jaffe, Director of Product Innovation, Netflix

• Adam Medros, VP, Global Product, TripAdvisor

• Dave Morin, CEO, Path

• Shiva Rajaraman, Director of Product Management, YouTube

• Mike Krieger, Co-Founder, Instagram

Check out our complete schedule and speaker list, then register here to save 20% or use code MFF at checkout.

Mobile Future Forward – Are You Ready? September 5, 2012

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My fellow mobilists,

Did you know we just crossed the 10 billion connected devices mark (devices that can connect to the Internet directly). Do you know how much time do SMB workers save using mobile solutions? Do you know when will mCommerce > eCommerce? Do you know what comes after LTE and how are operators planning their networks to deal with the data and signaling traffic growth? Is there life beyond iOS and Android? Do you know when will tablet revenue exceed notebook revenue? How are multiple screens in the household changing consumer behavior? Do you know how are we going to get to the 50 Billion connections by 2020? Do you know what will be the key technology and business inflexion points this mobile decade? Do you know how to turn data science into big data profits? Do you know who will dominate the 4th curve of mobile? How are developers going to make money? What’s the future of computing?

On Sept 10th, at Mobile Future Forward, we will be answering these and many more tough and thought-provoking questions in front of our industry when the mobile industry luminaries gather to share their insights and perspectives of the days ahead. Mobile Future Forward fireside chats and sessions are carefully crafted to give you diverse perspectives. It has been an exciting journey putting together the program and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there on Monday. We are confident that the discussion and the speakers will inspire us with new ideas and inform with actionable insights.


My thanks for our excellent partners who have helped put together a wonderful program: Intel, Amdocs, Compuware, Ericsson, Juniper, SAP, Synchronoss, Tekelec

Full Agenda at http://mobilefutureforward.com/agenda.html

I am really looking forward to seeing many of you on Monday.