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Mobile Future Forward Update August 1, 2012

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Hope you have been bitten by the Olympics bug as I have. I can bet that mobile will be setting all kinds of new world records this summer.

As is the tradition, we released our annual Mobile Future Forward Research paper earlier this month – Operator’s Dilemma (And Opportunity): The Fourth Wave.  The research and the paper look into the mobile industry growth and revenue curves and discuss the evolution of our industry. We have gotten tremendous response from around the globe. WSJ did a Q&A with me on how startups can benefit from the mobile fourth wave. (Seattle Times also did a piece). I have been traveling in North America and Europe talking to executives about the impact of the fourth curve on their businesses and how to best prepare for the next 10 years. Which brings us back to our upcoming summit – Mobile Future Forward on Sept 10th in Seattle at the beautiful Newcastle Golf Club.

We are delighted to be partnering with some of the leading players in the mobile ecosystem: Intel, Amdocs, Compuware, Ericsson, Juniper, Synchronoss, Tekelec.

We are announcing additional confirmed speakers since our last update and the panels are shaping up nicely. As you know, the focus is always on in-depth discussion, insights, and the future.

The Future of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are being introduced into the marketplace at breathtaking pace. Consumers are starting to own more than one connected device with a strong desire to own more. How are consumer’s expectations evolving in the age of n-Screens? How do you go about innovating faster than ever before? In a marketplace where iOS and Android dominate, is there a room for other platforms? What will it take to build and keep the ecosystems together? Can an OEM succeed without having a services business? How would a consumer buy a device in 2020? Senior executives from two of the leading device manufacturers will explore how the device world is likely to evolve this decade.

Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officer, Samsung

Mike Woodward, President, HTC

LTE is here and now. What’s Next?

US has regained its leadership in the mobile ecosystem with each of the top 4 mobile operators launching LTE networks. By the end of 2013, there will be sizable network deployment from all the major players. So, what comes next? How will the networks evolve beyond the current LTE deployments. We are looking at a 1000x increase in data consumption in the next 10 years. How will the network, infrastructure, and the OSS/BSS components evolve over time to meet the demand of the consumers with voracious data appetite. The panel of experts will delve into how they are thinking about the network evolution and what will keep them competitive in the market place.

Stephen Bye, Chief Technology Officer, Sprint

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile USA

Vince Spinelli, MD – Mobility Solutions, Juniper Networks

Soren Elsborg, Head of Mobile Broadband, Ericsson

Tyler Davidson, Vice President, Amdocs

Kevin Fitchard, Senior Writer, GigaOM (moderator)

Mobile Enterprise and the Cloud

Health, Retail, Energy, Services, Government – industries are getting disrupted and changed by broadband mobility and the cloud. From SMB to large enterprises, mobile affords the opportunity to re-architect and design for a better tomorrow. Where are the opportunities? What are the key enablers? Where is the ROI? What are the challenges for the CIOs? How do we secure the enterprises in the BYOD era? The industry practitioners will expound on what works and what doesn’t. They will help us separate reality from hype and discuss the best practices across various industry verticals.

Gus Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, CIA

Abhi Ingle, VP – Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T

Dave Whalen, VP/GM – Software Services, Intel

Marianne Marck, VP – Software Engineering, Starbucks

Ed Cantwell, SVP, West Wireless Health Institute

Todd Simpson, Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla joins The Fight for developers – Apps, OTT, APIs, and Dollars panel while Jorge Espinel, SVP – Digital Strategy, News Corp joins the nScreen Era – Engagement and Commerce panel.

… and much more

We are expecting a full house so grab your seats today. SuperSaver expires Friday – Aug 3rd.

As you can see below, we have an outstanding group of executives who are responsible for changing the industry every day. Their viewpoints and commentary will be invaluable. The Mobile Future Forward team, our esteemed partners, our fantastic speakers and our engaged community are really looking forward to Sept 10th.

Confirmed Speakers

· Steve Elfman, President, Sprint

· Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T

· Wim Sweldens, President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless

· Kevin Packingham, Chief Product Officer, Samsung

· Mike Woodward, President - Americas, HTC

· Stephen Bye, Chief Technology Officer, Sprint

· Bobby Morrison, President, Verizon Wireless

· Erik Moreno, EVP, Fox

· Stephen David, former CIO, Procter & Gamble

· Ed Cantwell, SVP, West Wireless Health Institute

· Jana Messerschmidt, VP, Twitter

· Dan Deeney, Partner, New Venture Partners

· Houck Reed, VP – Broadband Solutions, Tekelec

· Gus Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, CIA

· Mark Hillman, SVP, Product Management, Compuware

· Todd Simpson, Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla

· Dave Whalen, VP/GM, Intel

· Abhi Ingle, VP – Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T

.. More to come

· Mung Ki Woo, Head of Mobile, Mastercard Worldwide

· Antonio Benjamin, Global CTO, Citi

· Biju Nair, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss

· Hank Skorny, VP/GM, Intel

· Jorge Espinel, EVP – Digital Strategy, News Corp

· Marianne Marck, VP – Engineering, Starbucks

· Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield

· Erik Ekudden, Head of Technology Strategies, Ericsson

· Carlos Domingo, President and CEO, Telefonica R&D

· Frank Meehan, Executive, Horizons Ventures

· Oke Okaro, Global Head of Mobile, Bloomberg

· Mark Anderson, CEO, SNS

· Michael Bayle, SVP and GM, ESPN Mobile

· Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile USA

· Vince Spinelli, MD – Mobility Solutions, Juniper Networks

· Soren Elsborg, Head of Mobile Broadband, Ericsson

· Tyler Davidson, Vice President, Amdocs

· Kevin Fitchard, Senior Reporter, GigaOM

Discussion Topics

· Looking back from Mobile 2020 – the last 10 years

· The fight for developers – Apps, APIs, and Dollars

· Will Privacy get in the way of mobile growth?

· PostPC era and the tablets – commerce, engagement, and consumption

· Quantified Self. Quantified Enterprise – how to benefit from big data?

· Gamification of Everything – How to reinvent business models and revenue streams

· When will Mobile Commerce eclipse Ecommerce? And How?

· Mobile Broadband – LTE is here and now. What’s Next?

· Mobile Competitive Policy – Balancing competitiveness, consumer interests, policy, and innovation

· nScreen Connected Consumer – Expectations, Solution roadmap, and Revenue flows

· Operators vs. OTT – Competition, Co-opetition, and the new landscape. Measuring the seismic shifts.

· Big (Mobile) Data – Collection, Management and Use of Data

· Mobile Cloud Computing – Innovation, Competition, and Business Models

· Mobile CIO Prism – Disruption in the enterprise. Opportunities for growth and cost reductions

· Managing networking growth in the Yottabyte Era – strategies to tame signaling and data tsunamis

· Mobile Platforms and Ecosystems – The Cycles and the Eternal Debate

· Mobile Security – BYOD, Hacking, Protecting, and Monetization

· Emerging Markets, Emerging Opportunities

· Battle for the Home – Devices, Apps, Networks

· Retail channel transformation – how are we going to shop and who makes money?

I hope you will join us in what is shaping up to be an exceptional gathering of the mobile minds. Registration. SuperSaver will expire Aug 3rd. The last two summits were sold out so be sure to grab your seat to one of the most anticipated mobile gathering of the year.


Kind regards,

Chetan Sharma


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