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Mobile Breakfast Series Recap – London – Operator/OTT – The Way Forward July 5, 2012

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June has been a very exciting month for us at Chetan Sharma Consulting. We took our Mobile Breakfast Series first outside Seattle to Atlanta and then, last week, outside US to London. Both places, it was very well received and we thank all the partners, speakers, and attendees who helped us out. On Jun 29th, we hosted our first European Mobile Breakfast Series at Wayra, Telefonica in London. My thanks to the Telefonica team for hosting us and making the whole experience worry-free. The topic of the discussion was Operator/OTT – The Way Forward. Regular readers would remember, we did a Seattle Breakfast Event on the same topic earlier in June. Wanted to get the European flavor of the same hot topic.






Operator traditional revenue streams are under threat esp. voice and messaging. Access margins will continue to stay under pressure. OTT players are coming in fast and furious and it is not just the big ones like Google but also players like Whatsapp, Voxer, Viber and others. How do operators play in the new landscape – lessen the decline of their traditional revenues while investing in new areas that improve their overall margins and revenues. Do they play the role of an enabler, a utility player, or become the OTT player themselves? In a software-driven world, how do they stay nimble? On the flip side, what are some things that operators can provide to the OTT players that make them successful, take them to the market quickly and maintain a long-term healthy and mutually-beneficial partnership? Operators still generate 70% of the global mobile industry revenues, so they are an important part of the chain but how do they ensure they have an equally relevant share in the profits. The panel will discuss how operators and OTT players think about the challenges and the opportunities, the competition and the coopetition.

To discuss the topic we had excellent panel with Jamie Finn, Director of Product Design at Telefonica Digital. This is a new unit within Telefonica that is doing some great work (recently released TU Me – a messaging application to compete with other VoIP/IP messaging apps) and Jamie is an integral part of the team.

Jamie was joined by Dominique Rougié, Director, TV Interactive Services & Media, Digital Innovation, Orange Group. Dominique has an interesting perspective since he is responsible for services across the three channels – online, cable, and mobile. From the OTT side, we had Andreas Bernström Chief Executive Officer, Rebtel. Rebtel is the second largest VoIP player after Skype with over $80M in revenue slated for 2012. Finally, we had Frank Meehan who has been doing OTT for a long time first at 3Uk and then at INQMobile. Some of the earliest OTT integrations of Skype, Facebook, and Twitter came from his team.

Some highlights from the discussion -

I really enjoyed the discussion and audience participation. We now take a break from our Mobile Breakfast Series and focus our attention to our annual mobile executive summit – Mobile Future Forward which is going to be held on Sept 10th in Seattle. We have an extraordinary group of executives who are joining us and I hope you can too.

Until then, have a great summer and see you soon.


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