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Mobile Future Forward 2011 Book October 3, 2011

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As has become the tradition, we published our Mobile Future Forward Book for 2011.

Some of MFF speakers have put their thoughts and ideas on paper that has resulted in this book. We are very grateful to the authors who carved out time from their busy schedules to pen some really insightful commentary on how they see the mobile industry evolve both holistically and in the various important segments of the ecosystem. While the views are quite diverse and bring together perspectives from different angles, everyone agrees, the next decade will be one heck of a time period for innovation.

Our thanks to Steve Mollenkopf, Danny Bowman, Frank Meehan, Subba Rao, Manoj Leelanivas, Steve Elfman, William Hsu, Braxton Woodham, Sanjiv Ahuja, Stephen Bye, Ken Denman, Ramneek Bhasin, Abhi Ingle , Erik Moreno, Carlos Domingo, Biju Nair, Dale Nitschke , and their respective organizations for working with us on an extremely tight timeline.

The thought pieces in this book are:

1. How Mobile Will Change The Way We Spend – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

2. Smart Integration for Mobile – Steve Mollenkopf, Executive Vice President and Group President. Qualcomm Inc.

3. The Mobile Cloud Connected Enterprise – Abhi Ingle, VP, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T

4. Buying a Mobile Device in 2014 – Frank Meehan, CEO, INQMobile

5. A Conversation with Steve Elfman – President, Sprint Nextel

6. Broadband for All – Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO, LightSquared

7. The Case for Building a Mobile Broadcast Content Delivery Network – The Critical Piece to Fulfilling Mobile Data Demands of the Future – Erik Moreno, SVP, FOX Network

8. Connected Devices – Redefining the Channel – Biju Nair, VP and GM, Connected Devices, Synchronoss Technologies

9. How Mobile Can Turn Retailers Into Media Companies – Dale Nitschke, CEO, Ovative Group

10. Implications of a Connected Society – Danny Bowman, President, Sprint Nextel

11. The Future of the Personal Information Economy: Enabling Success Across the Mobile Ecosystem – Ken Denman, CEO, Openwave

12. The Future of (Mobile) Communications – Carlos Domingo, CEO, Telefonica I&D

13. Mobile and Health Possibilities – Subba Rao, CEO, Razi Health

14. Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Mobile Internet – An MNO Game Plan – Manoj Leelanivas, SVP and GM, Juniper Networks

15. T-Commerce – Carving Out and Extending E-Commerce – Ramneek Bhasin, SVP and GM, TheFind

16. Is Mobile Local Advertising Finally Poised to Take Off? – William Hsu, SVP and CPO, AT&T Interactive

17. Big Data and Mobile – Braxton Woodham, Head of Engineering, AVOS

18. Wireless Competition and Innovation – Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint Nextel

19. Competition and the Evolution of Mobile Markets – Chetan Sharma, President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

These brilliant essays delve into all facets of the mobile economy from the chipsets to the applications, from new monetization strategies to innovative business models, from supply-chain dynamics to spectrum issues, from competitiveness to collaboration, from cloud computing to connected devices, and from data analytics to connecting with the consumers, and much more. The authors are executives who are deeply engaged in accelerating the evolution of the mobile industry, their insights will give you practical advice on how to apply knowledge to your own businesses over the course of this decade.

The book was produced in record time but it was an exhilarating ride. Thanks to all the authors and our publishing team for making this happen.


1. HR - October 8, 2011

Still not sure where or when I can find the book…


2. H.J.Kim - October 25, 2011


3. Andrew N - November 7, 2011

Would be very interested in obtaining a copy or pdf of this book if it is at all possible. Thank you!

4. Aditi Avasthi - November 7, 2011

Where can I get a copy please?

5. chetan - November 7, 2011

Unfortunately, book is available to attendees of MFF only. thanks for your interest


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