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In case you missed …. January 7, 2011

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Here are the stories from 2010 that we contributed to ..



FCC - Federal Communications Commission FCC 10-201

Bloomberg BW - Skype Video on Apple Devices

GigaOM - Carriers and Mobile Expense Woes! Not!

IT Business Edge - Mobile Developers in the Driver’s Seat

Bernama - China Likely To Start 4G Mobile Service In 2012

Globe and Mail - App hype still way ahead of user adoption

Forbes - Verizon Looks Like iPhone Already Baked Into Stock Price But Could …

Reuters - Rovio turns to apps billing after Angry Birds hit

FierceMobileContent - Study: Android users consume more data than iPhone counterparts

Telecompaper - Mobile app downloads to hit 50 bln by 2012

Telecoms Insight - Western European Markets Lead On Mobile Content

IT Business Edge - Mobile Developers, the World is Your Oyster


Wilkes Barre Times Leader - A fight for mobile space | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre

Marketplace - Carriers fight to meet bandwidth demands

Salon - Tech Insider - GigaOM - Salon.com

Wireless Week - Tiered Pricing Just the Beginning of Making Data Profitable

Practical Ecommerce - Are Consumers Really Buying Products on Mobile Devices?

BusinessNewsDaily - The App and You: Small Businesses Are Learning to Go Mobile

Independent - New devices helping consumers jump onto the smartphone

Mediapost - MediaPost Publications Report: Connected Devices Gathering

Zdnet.nl - Mobiel dataverkeer blijft toenemen - nieuws - ITProfessional

Quomedia - Quo Media - Usa, traffico dati mobile a quota 1 Exabyte

Information Week - Mobile Developers Embrace Android, iPad — InformationWeek

GigaOM – With Wireless Data, Smaller Carriers Must mind the gap

GigaOM - U.S. Mobile Data Traffic to Top 1 Exabyte

GigaOM - Flat-Rate Data Plans Are Dead. Is That a Good Thing?


SiliconIndia - Tech firms face scarcity of mobile software devs - Career

BusinessWeek - Tech Companies See Dearth of Mobile-Software Developers

GigaOM - 4 Ways Carriers Are Fighting Wireless Data Demand

Global Telecoms Business - MIMOs and smart antennas

Wireless Week - The Mobile Web Future: It’s Complicated

RWW - Why Twitter’s New CEO Will be Good for Everyone

RWW - The Age of Exabytes


GigaOM - The Age of the Internet of Things Has Dawned

GigaOM - LTE to boost Demand for Mobile Bandwidth, Network Gear

UPI - Apps, a technology sideline, grows up

GigaOM - Femtocells Get Out of Our Homes and Into Our Cities

Embedded Internet - Mobile Internet apps moving e-commerce off the web

EE Times - Mobile Internet apps moving e-commerce off the web

3G Americas - Transition to 4G

Techflash - Android or iPhone? Mobile pundits give edge to Google

Connected Planet - Mobile data at a discount: Walmart’s MVNO

RWW - Big New Spectrum Expected to Open for Internet of Things This Week


BusinessWeek - Falcone’s LightSquared to Take on Clearwire

CIOL US Smartphone subs hog 230MB data on average

San Francisco Chronicle - 30% of Google TV advertisers new to the medium

RCR Wireless - Worst of the Week: Time to take a breath

Connected Planet - Frank discussion with telecom’s most experienced editors

Kiplinger - Verizon and Google Defend Net Neutrality Moves

Wireless Week - FirstNews Briefs

PSFK - More Web-Enabled Objects Than Human Came Online Last Quarter

Bloomberg - RIM Agrees to Buy Back Shares for About $79.8M

Electronista - Smartphone data use up 50% in just six months

Moconews - A Look at How Fiercely Competitive The Wireless Industry Has Become

MediaPost - Mobile Data Revenues Up 22% in Second Quarter

Broadband Reports - Average Wireless User Eats 230MB Per Month

PC World - AT&T, Verizon Cashing in Outside of Phones

RCR Wireless - US consumers double their mobile data traffic consumption

Mobile Marketing Watch - US Carrier Keeps Beating Japanese Counterpart in Mobile Data

GigaOM - Stats: The Age of the Internet of Things Has Dawned

Poynter - US wireless market penetration passes 100 percent

RCR Wireless - Reality Check: Navigating the mobile ecosystem to leverage the iPad effect

Reuters - AT&T, Verizon cashing in outside of phones

FierceMobileContent - US Mobile Data Service Revenues top $13.2B in Q2

DVICE - Why cellphone bandwidth is running out


Reuters - App pioneer Getjar plans to stay independent

American Public Media: The Coming Data Traffic Jam (audio)

Reuters - Telecom software groups merge in app store battle

Ecommerce Journal - End of Apple App Store reign: WAC merges JIL

KPBS - Qualcomm Stock Price Jumps After Increased Profit Report

RCR Unplugged - Mobile apps revenues to reach $25B by 2014

MobileGetsPersonal - Sharma Outlines Industry Move to Tiered Pricing

ReadWriteWeb - 25 Billion Mobile App Downloads by 2015

American Medical News - Who made the app for that? Tale of 3 app developers

Nokia Conversations - Friday’s Pick

St. Petersburg Times - Mixed signals surround Apple over iPhone Antenna

Boston Herald - Antenna kerfuffle overshadows iPhone 4’s other successes

Businessweek - Smartphone Apps for College

Mobile Marketing - The Mobile World According to Chetan Sharma

Mediapost - Looking Back and Ahead In 2010 with Chetan Sharma

USA Today - Adam Curry shows off iPhone apps in his own video show

Business Week - Wireless Data: The End of All-You-Can-Eat?

Cellular News - Gaming to the future driver of mobile Internet


CNBC - Mobile Apps

San Diego Union Tribune - Low end of smartphones gets lift

Techflash - Morning Browse

Businessweek - AT&T’s money-saving plans will cost users more

Wired - Verizon signals the end of the unlimited data plan

Mercury News - Apple apologizes for iPhone 4 glitches

Wireless Week - T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage

BSN - Are iPhone Apps a Failed Business Model?

TMC - 3GPP Mobile Broadband sees 81% annual growth

PC Magazine - The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010

GigaOM - Picochip Gives Femtocells a New Lease on Life

TelecomTV - AT&T brings tiered mobile data pricing to the US

San Jose Mercury News - AT&T to stop offering "all you can eat" data plans

GigaOM - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of AT&T’s New Pricing Plan

GigaOM - AT&T Shuts Down the Mobile Broadband Buffet

TMC Net - 3GPP Mobile Broadband Sees 81% Annual Growth

Mobile Entertainment - Nokia: We aspire to Apple’s user experience


GigaOM - Privacy as Competitive advantage in Mobile

Telecompaper - 3GPP mobile technology sees 81% growth in Americas

Thailand Business News - Thailand’s smartphone market skyrockets with Blackberry sales

IT Business Edge - Verizon shifting to tiered pricing for LTE network

BusinessWeek - Verizon’s 4G Plan Will Try Tiered Pricing

GigaOM - Verizon to Shift Usage Forecasting to Consumers With Tiered LTE

SeattleTimes - Game-changer at Microsoft

BusinessWeek - New Web Services Put Music in the Cloud

4gtrends - New balance of power in Japan as users convert to smartphones

GigaOM - America’s Amazing Rise to 3G Dominance

Businessweek - Billionaire McCaw’s New Mobile Bets on Profitless 4G Clearwire

Infoworld - Google and Facebook are violating your privacy

NYTimes - Cellphones Now Used More for Data Than for Calls

GigaOM - A Modest Proposal on Privacy

TMCNet - Network Data Traffic to Drive M2M Profits

TelecomTV - Softbank becomes first mobile telco to outsell voice with data

Mediapost - Verizon leads in Data Revenues

WirelessWeek - VZW Data Revenues Surpass DoCoMo

GigaOM - AT&T Verizon’s Future Is in Your Fridge

Fiercemobilecontent - US mobile data revenues exceed $12.5B in Q1

Telecompaper - US mobile data market up 22% in US

MobileMarketingWatch - US Mobile Data Exploding

MobileMarketing - iPad a Winner says Chetan Sharma


FierceMobileContent - Portals, Entertainment, Travel lead Mobile Advertising Spend

Bizrepot - MerchantCircle launches location-based app service

BusinessWeek - Social Phones Offer Shortcuts to the Web

Mediapost - Vanity vs. Sanity: Putting Apps in Context

TelecomTV - Technicality stops Skype on Verizon Android phones

NPR - Mobile Apps Market Scales Up From Zero to Billions

Bloomberg Law Reports - Why Continue to Invest in Patents?

Moconews - Microsoft’s Kin: Too Little, Too Late

Mobile Entertainment - Android rising in Japan

The Globe and Mail - Talk isn’t cheap in world’s biggest cellphone market

Mercury News - Apple: Enhanced multi-tasking will be added to iPhone software

Econsultancy - Mobile: Less phone, more data

Telemanagement - Mobile data is king: surpasses voice

GCN - Mobile data volume exceeds voice traffic for the first time

Nasdaq - Seismic shift in mobile use

Jerusalem Post - Android in Japan

Hot Hardware - Mobile Data Surpasses Voice Traffic for First Time

Phone+ - Analyst: Believe it, iPad will Strain AT&T’s Network

AllThingsDigital - A New First in Mobile: Data traffic Outstripped Voice Traffic Last Year

Business News Network - iPad and Mobile Networks (video)

Mediapost - US Led in Mobile Data Growth in 2009

PaidContent - A new first in mobile: Data traffic outstripped Voice traffic last year

Pluggd.in - Mobile App Stores - Asia leads the download race

BusinessWeek - AT&T may find Apple iPad Strains Network more than expected

BusinessWeek - Verizon joins AT&T and others in Booking Costs from Health-Care Law


GigaOM - Why Featurephones are the new Black for Mobile Apps?

BusinessWeek - Freeing the iPad from AT&T

WirelessWeek - VCast App Store Opens

WirelessWeek - National Broadband Plan - A Work in Progress

GigaOM - In the App Economy Does the Mobile Browser Matter?

RCR Wireless - America pushes the boundaries of broadband

FierceWireless - Breaking down usage-based data pricing

GigaOM - How Mobile Network Operators Must Evolve as Data Ramps Up

FierceWireless - User appetite for apps continues to surge

NY Times - LTE may heat up mobile net neutrality debate

PC World - LTE may heat up mobile net neutrality debate

Our Mobile Apps Research received unprecedented global coverage with hundreds of stories, here is a sampling ..

AFP - Mobile apps a $17.5B market by 2012

BBC - Mobile application sales to reach $17.5B by 2012

Business Insider - Number of Apps Stores Grew from 9 to 38 in 2009

BusinessWeek - Americans Pay More for Mobile Apps

Cellular News - Mobile apps to be worth $17.5B by 2012

Connected Planet - Apps trump CDs - but do we really need 38 app stores

Connected Planet - Mobile apps explode, but what about the little guys

Communities Dominate Brands - So what do we learn from Chetan Sharma’s Report on Mobile Apps

CNET - Mobile app demand to explode by 2012

Datamation - Mobile Application Sales to reach $17.5B by 2012

Ecommerce Times - Consumers go gaga over apps

eWeek - Apple-led apps market to hit $17.5B by 2012

Fast Company - Mobile Apps Sales to Hit $17.5B by 2012

FierceMobile - 50B mobile app downloads in 2012

GigaOM - Mobile Apps are hot, but don’t forget emerging markets

GoMo News - Growth in mobile apps may have hidden dangers

Guardian - Mobile Apps will outsell CDs by 2012

Information Week - Mobile Apps get top dollar in US

Mashable - Mobile App Market to Surge to $17.5B by 2012

Mobile Marketing Watch - Mobile Apps to Soar to $50B downloads by 2012

Mobile Entertainment - Mobile apps to outsell CDs by 2012

Moconews - Evidence that Apple is Onto Something

Msearchgroove - Chetan Sharma first to map app economy and landscape

NPR - App Store Study

PC World - Study’s forecast of Mobile App Explosion are Overblown

PC World - Apps are a goldmine for developers

ReadWriteWeb - Mobile App Marketplace: $17.5B by 2012

Seattle Times - Mobile apps $17B market soon, app seller claims

Techcrunch - Mobile app sales will overtake CD Sales by 2012

TelecomTV - Study forecasts $17.5B apps store revenues

Venturebeat - Mobile apps industry to hit $17.5B by 2012 with 50B in downloads

Wireless Week - Mobile apps will outsell CDs by 2012
WSJ - Studies Forecast Rapid Growth in Mobile Apps

FCC - National Broadband Plan

BusinessWeek - Clear’s Mobile Users Really Use the Service

US Today - Media Morning (MBS)

Seattle Times - Glaser on mobile biz, Apple and the Sesame Street problem (MBS)

Seattle Times - Former FCC boss on fed’s free wireless proposal (MBS)

Techflash - RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser on why Apple’s model must be stopped (MBS)

Techflash - RealNetworks advice to startups: It’s better to be lucky, than good (MBS)

Moconews - Former RealNetwork’s CEO Rob Glaser Says For Now Apple Has Won(MBS)

Moconews - FCC Former Chairman Says Agency Lacks Control Over Handset Makers(MBS)

GigaOM - Rob Glaser Defines the Superphone and Predicts the Mobile Future (MBS)

GigaOM - Former FCC Chair Lays Out the Limit on the Agency’s Authority (MBS)

PC World - Former FCC Chair Says More Fiber Will Help Wireless Crunch (MBS)

PC World - Rob Glaser Thinks Mobile Is the Next Big Thing (MBS)

B/OSS - Mobile Data Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

NPR - SXSW and Mobile Data Network Traffic

TMC - Enterprises to Find Increasing Challenges with Wireless Networks

GigaOM - The Disconnect Between Subscriber Growth & Revenues in Broadband and Mobile

Reuters - Telecom groups sit uneasily on client data gold mine

NY Times - Do All Small Businesses Need a Mobile Strategy?

FierceBroadbandWireless - New report enforces why operators are talking usage-based data pricing

GigaOM - Mobile’s Data Usage and Revenue Disconnect

GigaOM - US Mobile Market: Highly Competitive and iPhone Still Rocks

Techcrunch - In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever, Deal With It

Mediapost - Coming Soon To A Wireless Store Near You


Reuters - What does the new LTE mobile technology offer?

VON - Mobile Data Can Be a Cheap Date

Billing & OSS World - Mobile Data Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Businessweek - The Truth about Bandwidth

TelecomAsia - Mobile Broadband: Still growing but realism sinks in

Connected Planet - Youtube dominates mobile Internet traffic; mobile VoIP on the rise

Business Journal - The Apple effect on AT&T brings good times and bad

Telemanagement - Cutting an operator’s mobile data costs by 60% a year

Mobile Marketing Magazine - Report explains how operators can slash data costs

TMC - Research Shows How Operators Can Curb Mobile Data Costs


NYTimes - The iPad - To 3G or Not to 3G?

Businessweek - Apple iPad Adds to Pressure on AT&T

NYTimes - As Devices Pull More Data, Patience May Be Required

GigaOM - How AT&T Will Deal with iPad Data Traffic

Businessweek - iPad: Pushing More Americans to Pay More for Wireless Service

Businessweek - Mobile-Ad M&A Frenzy May Continue

Businessweek - Verizon Wireless-AT&T ‘Price War’ May Boost Revenues

GigaOM - In Q4, Data Was Mobile’s Hot Spot

RCR Wireless - RCR WIreless Digital Edition Jan 2010

Reuters - Are pico projectors the next big cellphone trend?

Mediapost - Verizon Cuts Voice Pricing, Streamlines Data Plans

MobileFuture - Net Neutrality Regulatory Proposals

Mercury News - Apple and Google: It’s a mobile turf war

GigaOM - How Microsoft Can Get Back in the Mobile Game

GigaOM - Wireless Pricing from Verizon Wireless

Mediapost - Survey: Mobile Execs See Big Ad Gains in 2010

GigaOM - China Mobile Data Gold Rush Begins

Plastics News - Consumers like their phones mobile, smart


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