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In case you missed … July 1, 2010

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Happy July. Articles from June ..

CNBC - Mobile Apps

San Diego Union Tribune - Low end of smartphones gets lift

Techflash - Morning Browse

Businessweek - AT&T’s money-saving plans will cost users more

Wired - Verizon signals the end of the unlimited data plan

Mercury News - Apple apologizes for iPhone 4 glitches

Wireless Week - T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage

BSN - Are iPhone Apps a Failed Business Model?

TMC - 3GPP Mobile Broadband sees 81% annual growth

PC Magazine - The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010

GigaOM - Picochip Gives Femtocells a New Lease on Life

TelecomTV - AT&T brings tiered mobile data pricing to the US

San Jose Mercury News - AT&T to stop offering "all you can eat" data plans

GigaOM - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of AT&T’s New Pricing Plan

GigaOM - AT&T Shuts Down the Mobile Broadband Buffet

TMC Net - 3GPP Mobile Broadband Sees 81% Annual Growth

Mobile Entertainment - Nokia: We aspire to Apple’s user experience


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