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Roundup of the first Mobile Breakfast Series event September 29, 2009

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The views from the venue are stunning both at the crack of dawn and as the sun lit the valley

The first Mobile Breakfast Series Event was held at the beautiful Newcastle Golf Club on Sept 22nd with our elite panelists – Marianne Marck – SVP, BlueNile, Michael Mace, Principal, Rubicon Consulting, Mike Woodward, VP, AT&T, and Jim Hudak, VP & GM, INQMobile. Before I get into what was discussed, would like to thanks the founding sponsors – Openwave, Motricity, and Clearwire who stepped in right away to make the Mobile Breakfast Series possible. Also, Jeff Giard and Brendan Benzing helped shape the event along the way. Finally, thanks to the extended pacific northwest mobile community for such a tremendous response. Hope you guys keep coming back for more.


The diversity and the experience on the panel was apparent. Mike Woodward has a long history with ATT and has been managing the broad device portfolio for the company. Michael Mace with Rubicon worked with Palm and Apple and is a veteran of the mobile industry cycles, Marianne Marck with BlueNile has seen the growth of mobile digital content like few have and brought in the perspective from the developer and content provider point of view. Finally, Jim Hudak has worked in a wide variety of roles and is now with INQMobile which won the best handset award in Barcelona. This gave us a good forum to explore the various aspects of our evolving industry (Moconews coverage here).


IMG_1838 IMG_1839

The salient points of the 90 minute discussions were:

· The panel thought the big opportunities are in:

o Specialized devices, though there is little VC investment in the area, there is an opportunity to build something unique by verticals or segments

o Network Optimization and Management, given the tremendous growth in mobile data usage, more technologies are needed to effectively manage the growth

o Besides voice and data, location based services represent the biggest opportunity in mobile

o Empower Impulse buys, embed technology to make it simple for users to buy

o Taking advantage of the mobile browser economy. Companies like Skyfire are expanding the capabilities of the browser that enables better application reach and penetration

· ATT has experienced 5000% growth in mobile data usage in the last 12 quarters. And it is good for business but the future growth needs to be more effectively managed.

· Mobile data is clearly taking off but are there limits to this growth? Will everyone pay $50/month extra? It is probably not for everyone.

· LTE brings down cost of delivering the bits. If EDGE costs $1 to deliver one MB, then HSPA costs 13c and LTE is around 3c. There is significant motivation to move towards LTE.

· While the total number of apps downloaded have exceeded 2B, it is not clear if there are new companies emerging out of the app economy. Developers are still struggling to make ends meet and if we don’t cultivate the ecosystem, very few will be left at the end of the day

· For developers, browser provides the broadest reach but for some apps the richness of the feature/functionality is only available in client apps. Over the long run, browser platform is preferable and is likely to win out.

· Carrier billing is essential for the app economy to survive. Not everyone has iTunes interface for their appstores.

· Femtocells/WiFi play an important role in offloading traffic and providing consumers with better bandwidth and coverage options.

· 75% of ATT’s devices are converged devices. Significant uptick in the last few quarters. Data consumption has been growing as a result. ATT is investing $18B or so in upgrading the network as well.

· Mobile OS becomes less relevant over time.

· Cloud Computing is important for mobile to help with network management, storage, and user experience.

· Microsoft was a freakish event in history, something similar is not going to happen in the mobile space and the fragmentation is not going to go away any time soon.

· Developers like to get access to UI APIs that give them more control over the user experience. Access to location

· Mobile advertising promising but not there yet. Metrics and standards issues need to be worked out.

· TV is a passive experience, Online is less passive, and Mobile is interactive experience. We should be designing apps and services keeping that in mind.

· Handset has become a software business. Companies not having a concrete s/w strategy will be exposed

· We live in interesting times

If you liked the first event, you would love the next one.

The topic is Mobile Broadband and we are getting some of the top notch experts to discuss the very important evolution of the global mobile broadband markets. Date: Dec 4th.

Our good friend Om Malik has kindly consented to moderate the event. Current confirmed panelists are Scott Richardson, former Chief Strategy Officer and now Strategic Advisor at Clearwire and Ken Denman, CEO of Openwave. More panelists to be confirmed in the coming days. Registration is open at http://mobilebreakfastseries.com/

Finally, we would love to hear your feedback. Please help us shape the event and make it your own. How can we make it better? What topics would you like to see discussed? Which speakers would like to hear from? What venues work best for you, etc? Answers will help shape the future events so every bit of feedback is much appreciated. If you could please take a short survey and let us know what you thought of the event as well any guidance on future events, that will be great.

Thanks and see you on Dec 4th.

Global Wireless Data Market Update – 1H 2009 September 21, 2009

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Global Wireless Data Market Update – 1H 2009

Download: PPT | PDF

Executive Summary

The Global Wireless Markets continued to grow rapidly especially in India and China where the carriers (together) are adding around 20M new subscriptions every month. China crossed the 700M subscriptions mark in July while India’s total went past 450 in Aug. Overall, the global subscriptions penetration is above 64%. During 2009, services revenues further tilted towards data services, increasing 21% from 2008 EOY.

The overall global mobile revenues (including equipment) for the year are expected to stay flat as the impact of recession was felt in many geographies in the first half of 2009. While countries like US, Japan, China, and India showed very little signs of pullback, most of Europe (except France) and the developing world are expected to experience a decline in overall service revenues in 2009. For the first time, mobile data contributes approximately quarter or 25% of the total global service revenues. Additionally, except for India, all major markets have their data contribution percentages above 10%.

For some leading operators, data is now contributing over 40% of the overall revenues. However increase in data ARPU is not completely offsetting the drop in voice ARPU for most operators. From the true and tested SMS messaging to the new services such as Mobile Advertising, Social Networking, Commerce, Mobile Wallet, and others, different services helped in adding billions to the revenues generated in 2009. US continues to lead Japan and China in total mobile data revenues by a healthy margin.

NTT DoCoMo continues to dominate the carrier ranking in terms of mobile data service revenues, however, Verizon Wireless which became #2 replacing China Mobile is slowly edging towards the #1 spot and is likely to overtake DoCoMo within the next few quarters.

The velocity with which the smartphones are being introduced into the market, one wonders if in five years, we will be using the moniker to describe devices and if the "dumbness" in the device market will be practically eliminated. Led by Apple’s Appstore success, significant investments are pouring into the appstore world. In parallel, the debate over apps vs. mobile web is intensifying. The implications of the transition will be significant on the ecosystem on many levels.

Though 4G as a standard hasn’t been defined yet, the discussions around LTE (and to some extent WiMAX) grew intense and started climbing the slippery slope of the hype curve. Many prominent operators have come out in support of LTE with Verizon being the most aggressive in launching their next generation network in 2010.

Chetan Sharma Consulting conducted its semiannual study on the global mobile data industry. We studied wireless data trends in over 40 major countries – from developed and mature markets such as Japan, Korea, UK, and Italy to hyper growth markets such as China and India.

This note summarizes the findings from the research with added insights from our work in various global markets.

Impact of Global Recession

Service Revenues


Mobile Data Traffic



As usual, we will be keeping a close eye on the trends in the wireless data sector in our blog, twitter feeds, future research reports, and articles. The next US Wireless Data Market update will be released in Nov 2009. The next Global Wireless Data Market update will be issued in March 2010.

Your feedback is always welcome.


Chetan Sharma

Disclaimer: Some of the companies mentioned in this note are our clients.

Mobile Application Store event at CTIA September 20, 2009

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My good friend Ajit is hosting the first ever Mobile Application Stores conference at CTIA with a great lineup of speakers. Details below:

The Mobile Application Stores, Strategy and Deployment conference http://www.mobileappevent.com/ is proud to announce its all-star speaker lineup for this unique event. Mobile Application Stores is a partner seminar of International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. and Entertainment October 8th in San Diego

Mobile Application Stores is the only conference to focus exclusively on the business of mobile applications and will focus on the tremendous opportunities in the mobile apps stores ecosystem. The event is designed to give a complete understanding of how to capitalize on this dynamic market.

Featured speakers for the event include:

• Dr. Jin-Sung Choi Ph.D, Senior Vice President, Head MC Global

Product Planning Team, LG Electronics Korea

• George Linardos Vice President, Product Management, Media, Nokia

• Ilja Laurs Founder & CEO, GetJar.

• Tim Haysom, Chief Marketing Officer,OMTP

• Mike Merril, CEO-Smart Phone Technologies

• Ajit Jaokar, President-futuretext

• Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting

• Jouko Ahvenainen, Founder, Grow VC International

• William Volk, CEO, PlayScreen

• Sena Gbeckor-Kove, Chief Technology Officer, imKon

The timing is perfect for an event like this. The Apple Appstore announced its billionth download in less that 9 months after opening and the recent launch of LG’’s Applications Store and Windows Marketplace for Mobile as well as Android and the Blackberry App World are making tremendous impact in the mobile marketplace.

Mobile Application Stores is co-located with the largest wireless event in the U.S., International CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment.

Registration is only $295 at http://www.mobileappevent.com/

About Mobile Application Stores: The Mobile Application Stores event is produced by futuretext, a London based research, consulting and publishing company. For additional information, please contact Larry Lockhart at NextVision Media at 727-388-9849 or Larry@nextvisionmedia.com or Ajit Jaokar Ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com The web site again for registration is: http://www.mobileappevent.com/

Mobile Breakfast Series – we are all set September 18, 2009

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Really excited about the upcoming Mobile Breakfast Series on Tue, Sept 22nd. Working out the kinks, taking care of last minute details. We have had a great turnout and support from the mobile community in pacific northwest. Additionally, thanks to folks who are making the trip from California, Oregon, and British Columbia. Your support is much appreciated. The quality of attendees is just excellent. See the graph below for yourselves


Thanks to our generous sponsors – Openwave, Motricity, and Clearwire for making this possible.

State of the Union: Where do we go from here?

The Mobile Industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. We will take a stock of where we are as an industry and how are some of the battles, opportunities, and challenges are shaping up for the near and distant future. We will discuss Open, Appstores, Mobile web, Mobile Commerce, 4G, Business Models, Consumer Behavior, Smartphones, and much more. To help us guide through the discussion are some of the best minds in the industry.

Mike Woodward, VP, Mobile Device Portfolio, AT&T

Marianne Marck, SVP, Technology, Blue Nile

Michael Mace, Principal, Rubicon Consulting

Jim Hudak, VP & GM The Americas, INQMobile

See you there

Events this month September 5, 2009

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Sept is turning out to be a busy month. Events i will be attending are as follows:

First up is Mobilize on Sept 10th

Ultraband: A Fast Platform For Innovation

When the nation of Korea commits to providing its citizens with 1 Gbps wireless broadband by 2012, the world’s innovators should sit up straight and listen. It’s a clear sign that bigger and bolder things are coming. We assemble a panel of world-class thought leaders from the worlds of broadband, wireless and consumer services and ask them when we will see true Ultraband appear — and what innovations and costs that future holds. A must-attend panel for entrepreneurs, strategists and product managers to gain essential insights ahead of the curve.

Moderator – Chetan Sharma President, Chetan Sharma Consulting

Phil Asmundson Vice Chairman and National Managing Partner – Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Deloitte LLP 

Ken Denman CEO, Openwave Systems 

Abhi Ingle VP, Industry and Mobility Application Solutions, AT&T 

Rick Keith Senior Director of Strategy, Broadband Access Solutions, Motorola 

Then, i fly to Toronto for Mobile Media Week. I will be giving a keynote on “Mobile Data Tsunami” and how we manage this growth. And right after will moderate a panel with Motorola, Verizon, and Canwest

The Mobile Data Tsunami Keynote with Experts Symposium
Chetan Sharma – President, Chetan Sharma Consulting & Author: Wireless Broadband ~ Mobile Advertising

Michael Dixon – VP Wireless Networks, Motorola
Aditya Khurjekar – Director, New Business Development, Verizon
Paul Burns – VP Digital, Canwest Broadcasting

Then, we our inaugural sold-out Mobile Breakfast Series event in Seattle on 22nd where i will moderate a panel on “State of the Union” with

Mike Woodward, VP, Mobile Device Portfolio, AT&T

Marianne Marck, SVP, Technology, Blue Nile

Brendan Benzing, SVP, Product Management, Motricity

Michael Mace, Principal, Rubicon Consulting

Jim Hudak, VP & GM The Americas, INQMobile

Then, i fly to Dallas on 24th to participate in 3G Americas Analyst Summit.

In case you missed

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here are the Aug stories that we contributed to ..

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