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Mobile Advertising Book: Shipping Now February 28, 2008

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For those of you ordered directly from Wiley should have received it today. Amazon also started shipping it today, a good week ahead of schedule.

Would love to hear feedback, your pictures with the book, etc.


Keynote next week

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I must admit I have never given a talk to Tower and Utility folks in our industry. They do all the nitty-gritty stuff to get towers in place before the network is lighted up. Am looking forward to the discussion and the questions. Will be talking about the future of our industry and what can we expect in the next 2-3 years and how that might impact the infrastructure industry.

The talk is being organized by the Northwest Wireless Association. More details here.

A $250B mobile ad market

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I have seen ridiculous projections before but this has to top everything we have seen before and then some more.

Of all the people, GSMA is estimating that the “platform play” could be worth $250B by 2010.

And, in a report shown to exclusively ME, the GSMA estimates this ‘platform play’ could eventually be worth a staggering $250 billion – based on a projection that overall ad revenues will hit $533 billion by 2010.

Clearly, someone is on medication.

Update (03/03/08)

Matt Simmons of GSMA wrote in and clarified the forecast.

I’m contacting you regarding this post on your blog: A $250B mobile ad market

Just to clarify, the GSMA was mis-quoted in an article in Mobile Entertainment about the $250 billion figure. It’s not a figure/projection that came from the GSMA. The figure is from an analyst firm called STL Partners and the journalist who wrote the article got the figure from a report STL Partners produced, not from the GSMA.

Also, if you speak with STL Partners about the figure, you’ll realise that it isn’t just about advertising and it’s a 10-year projection.

Mobile Advertising Book: It’s Here! February 25, 2008

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Got my first copy on Friday.


FiRe – The best technology conference in the world February 24, 2008

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As regular readers might know, this blog is named after the term Mark Anderson coined over 10 years back – AORTA or Always On Real-Time Access.

In addition to widely popular SNS Newsletter, Mark produces this brilliant technology conference – Future in Review (FiRe) every year where the coverage of topics is amazing – from energy to healthcare, from biodiesel to hydrogen fuel, from mobile to social networking, stem cells to economics, venture investments to space exploration, it is without a doubt the most comprehensive technology conference on the planet where the experts from each of these fields are on the stage sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

If you are in for some serious stimulating intellectual fiesta, this conference is for you. See Mark’s letter for more details.

The Economist rightly dubbed it The Best Technology Conference in the World.

Is IP Address personal information?

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There is a big debate brewing up esp. in Europe around how IP address is seen. Given the concerns about privacy, it is only a matter of time, that IP address will need to be treated like personal information esp. for mobile devices.

Top 100 analyst blogs

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Technobabble 2.0 puts forth an interesting analysis of the Top 100 analyst blogs. AORTA also made the list (# 26). In addition, it is a great listing of the resources on the web.

Does Venture Capital Investment Kill Innovation? February 23, 2008

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A fascinating debate coming up on March 5th 2008

Topic:              Does Venture Capital Investment Kill Innovation? 

Speakers:         BART STUCK, Managing Director, Signal Lake

                        FRED BESTE, Partner, Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

In this season of debates, as we recall the encounters between Lincoln and Douglas and  Kennedy and Nixon; NJEN is pleased to bring you THE GREAT VENTURE CAPITAL DEBATE.  The question:  Does Venture Capital Investment kill Innovation?  For the Affirmative: BART STUCK, Managing Director, Signal Lake, a Boston based venture capital and consulting firm, and author of numerous articles on this topic; Arguing the Negative:  FRED BESTE, Partner, Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds, well-known venture capitalist, luncheon speaker and bon vivant. As with most big fights, the “trash talking” has already begun.  Fred noted in an email to Bart “you’ll have the advantage of a way-early, heavily researched start, and I’ll have the advantage of a sneak attack.”    

Will Fred stick Stuck?  Will Bart get the Beste of Fred? Join us for lunch and find out!   

Details here – www.njen.com

Disclaimer: I am on the advisory board of SignalLake

Mobile Advertising is "must-read" book this year says

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Tomi Ahonen, author of several books on mobile including the most recent “Digital Korea” – a fascinating look inside the digital culture of South Korea.

Thanks Tomi.

Mobile Advertising Book: Chapter 1 is online

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Chapter 1 is online now. It is about the history of advertising starting from the Greek’s Agra. We wanted to understand how the medium has evolved over the centuries and how can we apply what we learn to mobile advertising.


Have also posted the Full Table of Contents so you can have a sense of what’s covered inside each of the chapters.

Two Years

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Earlier this week, we crossed two year anniv. of this blog. The first post here. Thanks for your readership, feedback, and engagement. Hope it continues into the next one.

Best wishes.

Mobile Advertising Book: It’s Out! February 21, 2008

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Our editor, Emily, just notified us that the book is out and has started shipping, ahead of schedule 🙂

I have to catch a plane right now but will post a chapter tomorrow evening.

Mobile Advertising Event in Seattle: Thanks February 20, 2008

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Despite the President’s day holiday, we got a good crowd. Maybe it was the good pizza brought in by the good folks at Zumobi that enticed everyone. Anyway, thanks to all those came and engaged in the discussion. We certainly enjoyed meeting each one of you and answering questions.

Mobile Advertising continues to be a hot topic. In Seattle alone, there are 3-4 events on the subject in the next 4-5 weeks.

Btw, you guys should try out Zumobi’s new app – gallery.zumobi.com or better yet, build one yourself using the SDK (also available on their website). I have testing the app for sometime and will write a review at a later time. We also discuss Zumobi as a case study in the book – a good example of a company focused on user experience as its core tenet.

Price wars have begun

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It has been a while in the US wireless industry since the price wars captured the headlines. Not anymore, not to be outdone, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile announced flat rate pricing of $99.99 for unlimited calling (some included some data usage as well) while Sprint is going to do the same in the near future. I have been mentioning the coming trend of flat-rate for everything in wireless since Willcom did that in Japan and forced the bigger carriers to change their business models. The trend then went into Europe and now coming to North America.

Going forward there will be more flat pricing bundling. This is good for the consumer but has the potential to cut into the healthy 15% overage margins for the operators.

Sprint-Clearwire venture February 19, 2008

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Rumors are swirling that Intel is planning to pump-in $2B to rekindle Sprint-Clearwire deal. Perhaps Google and Motorola should chip in a few million as well.

Mobile Mania – Show me the Money!! February 16, 2008

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Washington Technology Industry Association

Will be participating on the panel of “Mobile Mania – Show me the Money!!” being organized by Washington Technology Industry Association. More to come ..

Westin Hotel, Seattle
4:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Join us as we kick-off 2008 with Mobile Mania – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

M-commerce is a multi-billion-dollar industry – and it hasn’t even come close yet to peaking. How can you tap into this emerging marketplace? Mobile advertising, content, open access … what does it all mean? Where are the opportunities and how will new developments affect your business? Our expert panel will shed light on the key trends, how the real money will be made, and what you should start planning for now to be ready for the future. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, developer, or a sales, marketing or product manager, this event should be on your agenda for 2008!

Make sure to arrive at 4:30 to check out the Mobile Mania Pavilion – from the latest devices to the area’s hottest m-companies, you’ll want plenty of time to check it all out.


Mobile Advertising Book: Preface and Foreword February 15, 2008

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I have posted the preface and foreword of the book here and here.

As I mentioned before, foreword is written by Greg Stuart who ran IAB during its heydays and guided the industry through tremendous growth in online advertising. He is also the co-author of highly acclaimed “What Sticks? Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds” and serves on boards of several startups like Zumobi, Adify, AdInfuse, and several more.

Mobile Advertising Book Excerpt

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Moconews published an excerpt of the book – The Money in Mobile Advertising CPMs. Thanks Rafat.

NW Wireless Association Event

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I will be giving a luncheon keynote on March 4th. Details here.

Mobile Advertising Book: Countdown -7 February 14, 2008

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So far all engines are go for a Feb 22nd launch. Next friday, the book starts shipping from Wiley warehouses. It takes 1-2 wks to stock them at online retailers, so it should be available for shipping from Amazon and BN by first week of March. International shipments should start the second week of March.

So, if you ordered from Wiley, you will get it by end of the month, otherwise, a week or so later.

If you are in Seattle, please do come to our event on Monday Feb 18th. Details at www.seattlemobile.org If you are in bay area, hope to see you at our event at Stanford University on March 19th. Details at www.mobileadvertisingbook.com/events.htm

I will also be doing a keynote at NW Wireless Association meeting on March 4th where I will be talking about what we kind of changes and growth can expect in the next couple of years in the global wireless industry.

Will probably do another wireless event in March in Seattle and then CTIA in April.