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Gates and Jobs – the guys who defined the computing industry May 31, 2007

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to (Source: Engadget)

TiE Seattle: Content Monetization May 30, 2007

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Great event coming up tomorrow with Cole Brodman of T-Mobile doing the keynote followed by panel discussion. More information here. Hope to see you there.

Surface Computing

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Something new and refreshing from Microsoft this morning

More pics and info at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/surfacecomputing/default.mspx

Mobile Advertising Book Progress May 29, 2007

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Have been hiding working on the book for the last few days. Getting close to finishing up two more chapters

Market analysis

a. How big is the market?

i. Trends and forecasts

b. Implications of mobile advertising

c. Addressing the problem

i. The problem of mobile reach

ii. The problem of storefront

iii. The problem of understanding the customer

iv. Push vs. Pull

d. Publishers – the old and new guard

e. What do advertisers want?

i. Advertising industry growth

ii. How does mobile fit in?

iii. What ads might be mobile only? What ads might be multi-channel (Web, Mobile etc)

Mobile Advertising Value-Chain Analysis

a. Introduction: Mobile Advertising Value Chains

i. How does the value chain compare to other advertising mediums?

b. Messaging


d. Mobile Search

e. Local Search

f. Downloadables

g. Mobile Video/TV

h. Mobile Audio

i. Mobile Community

j. Directory Assistance

k. Code based

l. Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC

m. Active Screen

n. Differences in value chain across regions

o. Evolution of value chains

p. Takeaways


Have been interviewing many of the leaders in the space. More on that a bit later.

American Idol and Mobile Marketing May 24, 2007

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American Idol was a game changer in the US as far as mobile marketing is concerned. Last night 74M text’d in.

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) today published a draft Code of Practice (Code) outlining best practices for Participation Television (P-TV) in the United States. P-TV services typically provide viewers the ability to interact with television shows – for example, where viewers are asked to text in votes or enter sweepstakes using their mobile phones. Often these shows integrate enhanced content with premium rate mobile services. P-TV is expected to experience continuing fast growth in coming months.

Had a chance ealier today to talk to Edward Boddington, MEF Americas Board member and Telescope, Inc. Founder. Boddington helped develop ‘Pop Idol’ in the UK, which became ‘American Idol’ in the U.S. (he handed the envelope to Ryan Seacrest last night on ‘American Idol’ announcing Jordin Sparks as the new American Idol). 

Some numbers from Ed. $300M P-TV in UK, 30% of it is mobile messaging. In the US, the numbers are in the range of $30-50M though accurate estimates are not available. The final version of the code will be available at www.m-e-f.org within 2-3 months. Thanks to Chris Pfaff for arranging the interview.

Google and Yahoo Phone

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A majority of US consumers are willing and ready to purchase a Google or Yahoo!-branded mobile device if and when they become available.

According to a study conducted in April by market research firm the EQUS Group, 55 per cent of respondents say they are willing to purchase a Google or Yahoo! mobile device.

Conversely, only 21 per cent say they are not willing to purchase such a device, while 23 per cent of respondents were undecided.

EQUS also found that 69 per cent of consumers currently use mobile search tools on their mobile phones.

Al Nazareli, CEO of EQUS, said: “Because search functionality is so highly utilised by mobile phone users, Google and Yahoo! are uniquely well-positioned to enter the mobile device market and may have an advantage over other consumer brands looking to enter the space.”

(via Telecoms.com)

Can you hear me now?

Internet Advertising revenues hit almost $17B for 2006

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) today released the Internet Advertising Revenue Report which shows record results for the full year and final quarter of 2006. Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. continued upward totaling $16.9 billion in 2006, a new annual record   exceeding 2005 by 35%. Q4 2006 internet advertising revenues totaled $4.8 billion, representing record revenues for a single quarter and a 35% increase over same period in 2005.

The report states that search, display, classifieds and lead generation all continue to grow at a healthy rate with an increase in both performance-based and CPM or impression-based pricing. Consumer advertisers continue to represent the largest category of internet advertising spending.

More details here


It should be noted that mobile hasn’t even started to appear in these numbers yet.

Alltel deal – quote at GigaOM May 22, 2007

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Om did the story on Alltel going private. My quote was in the story

Chetan Sharma pointed out that wireless world is following the rule of three and since Verizon, Cingular and Sprint account for 75% of the total wireless market in the US, the buyout shouldn’t come as a surprise. Alltel has been looking to merge with Sprint or Verizon but both were not interested at this time.

Nevertheless, Alltel isn’t that bad a buy, and has a EV-DO Network in place. Sharma says, “My sense is that the private equity group will continue to operate the company and start offloading bits and pieces (by regions) when the timing is right for Verizon and Sprint.”

iPhone universe – Before and After May 21, 2007

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Check out this insightful post from Tomi regarding iPhone’s impact on the mobile industry. As always, his posts are thought-provoking.

Carnival over at Martin’s

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Martin Sauter, author of Communication Systems hosts this week’s Carnival. Great posts. be sure to check them out.

Alltel goes private

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As we discussed in a post earlier this year, Alltel is going private in what is being billed as the largest buyout ever in the telecom industry for $27.5B. Scott Ford is one happy man

RCRWireless News May 19, 2007

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Our Mobile Data update for the US market appears in RCRWireless News (sub requierd) this week

Microsoft buys Aquantive May 18, 2007

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In a bid to boost its presence in advertising, Microsoft said that it will pay $6 billion to acquire Aquantive, a digital marketing and services company.

Google, your turn.

Mobile Messaging 2.0

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I will be blogging at Mobile Messaging 2.0 where fellow bloggers are discussing next generation of mobile messaging. The site is sponsored by Airwide.

In my first post I wrote

As seen in latest numbers, mobile messaging is catching up in the US. The top 3 carriers in terms of messaging volume – Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T did over 53B messages (SMS and MMS combined but majority was SMS) last quarter. Verizon alone handled 22.75B. Since penetration is just around 40%, the growth will continue. As new customers come online and begin using mobile messaging, the experience needs to integrate across different forms of messaging – SMS, MMS, Email, IM. The integration needs to be at the technical level and the business level. The pricing structure shouldn’t be cost prohibitve to the user to suppress usage. Technically, interoperability is still an issue with MMS. Realiability needs to improve tremendously. If we are going to be using SMS as part of our emergency infrastructure, best-effort doesn’t cut it. Timely and guaranteed delivery needs to be part of the course.

Check it out.

Zino Society Event May 17, 2007

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It was fun doing the keynote at Zino Society event yesterday. The topic was Mobile Industry Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges. Zino Society is a group of angel investors who also love wine. There were four companies presenting for additional funding, all different and unique

Alphabet Lane – House Remodeling Portal

Yapta – Travel Site – Trip Tagging

Celana Bioscience – Predictive Toxicology, and

Just cause – Philanthropy

Yapta looks very disruptive and has a solid team behind the Alaska Airlines veteran Tom Romary. The site is launching Tuesday, so keep an eye on it.

If you are an angel investor in the Pacific Northwest with a special liking for socializing and drinking wine, Zino society is for you. If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding, a good venue to get in front of qualified investors. Let me know if you want to connect with them.

Third Screen goes to AOL May 15, 2007

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After trying for more than a year, Tom has finally been able to offload TSM. They definately were the first movers and had built a good business but the investors were more interested in flipping the company ASAP rather than build long-term value. Release here.

Who is next?

Nuance to acquire VoiceSignal

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Consolidation continues in this young industry.

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire VoiceSignal Technologies, Inc., creating an organization with broad resources, solutions and expertise that will satisfy the accelerating demand for speech-enabled mobile devices and services. Nuance expects to serve more than one billion consumers within the next three years with voice-based mobile solutions that allow people to simply and effectively navigate, retrieve and transact across the vast and growing universe of content and services available in mobile phones, automobiles and personal navigation devices.

Nuance and VoiceSignal share a vision to make the growing list of mobile device features, content and services available to consumers through a single button and a natural voice command. With proven technology, broad industry relationships, real-world deployment experience and an organization passionate about speech technology, the combined company will be able to develop new and innovative speech solutions and mobile search capabilities to more effectively serve the rapidly expanding market for mobile services and applications.

Nuance should think of itself more than a speech company, look for some other strategic assets to truly become a dominant force in the ecosystem.

PAN-IIT: SaaS event on 5/16

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My friend Anil is moderating this panel at Google campus tomorrow. Terrific line of panelists.


  • Russ Arun, General Manager, Windows Live Communications, Microsoft. His current role includes Mail, Messenger, Manageability, Storage and back-end services for Windows Live.
  • Charlie Bell, Vice President, Utility Computing, Amazon. His current role includes the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Kevin Marcus, Chief Technology Officer, Intelius. His current role includes technology ecosystem of a SaaS offering.
  • Peeyush Ranjan, Engineering Manager, Google. His current role includes web search related projects with prime area of interest in building large scalable systems.
  • I will try to make it if i get done with my Keynote at Zino Society in time.

    US Wireless Data Market Update Q1 2007

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    US Wireless Data Market Update – Q1 2007

    PPT Download (1.2MB)

    PDF Download (2.4MB)


    US wireless data market continues to grow at a steady pace offsetting any decline in voice revenues. Growth in both enterprise and consumer segments resulted in a $5B quarter for the industry (by comparison, in 2004, the total data revenues for the year were $4.6B). Given that approximately 60% of the revenues are from non-SMS applications and the subscriber penetration of data services is still low, we remain bullish on the US data market. However, as the subscriber penetration crossed 80% this month, the subscriber growth continues to slow down from its highs in 2005.

    Your comments are always welcome.

    Chetan Sharma

    Ram Shriram on Web 2.0 and advise to entrepreneurs May 10, 2007

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    Speaking at the Intel Capital CEO Summit on Wednesday, Ram Shriram, a founding director of Google Inc. and founder of Sherpalo Ventures, offers words of wisdom to entrepreneurs:

    Source: Tech Confidential Blog