Artificial Intelligence: Underpinnings of a disruptive wave

Artificial Intelligence: Underpinnings of a disruptive wave

Chetan Sharma Consulting is known for addressing the topics that are likely to shape the industry in 5-10 years. Regular readers are familiar with our Connected Intelligence thesis. Artificial Intelligence forms a key element of that framework. To explore AI in-depth, we are doing a west coast tour in Seattle, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Our Seattle panel is next week.

I get a lot of questions around AI and how it will impact the mobile industry in particular. If you consider AI has a horizontal layer in the ecosystem stack, the answer becomes pretty straightforward. It will impact every industry. Using data to extract intelligence to extract knowledge so that the application of the intelligence becomes autonomous is the key goal of this evolution.


Dr. Mitchell from Google AI Group has been doing some groundbreaking work in the field of computational linguistics, NLP, AI and MI, and especially interested in understanding AI Ethics and diversity. Ken Denman’s team at Emotient came out of some foundational research in emotion/face expression analysis from UCSD. Apple bought the company last year. Sridhar leads a growing business of IoT and Data services at Comcast and they are applying a lot of technologies for security and understanding consumer behavior. Dr. Browd is a neurosurgeon, professor, entrepreneur at UW and has apparently 36 hours in his day. He is doing some ground-breaking work with helmets used by NFL players. He is connecting VR to healthcare in interesting ways.

AI is a vast topic but at the end of the session you will leave with a better appreciation of the changes that are coming to your industry, to your product plans, and to your customer base.

Who should attend? AI is where Internet was in the early nineties or where mobile data was in the early 2000s. Many companies underestimated the impact they will have on their respective industries. AI/ML is at the similar state right now. AI will impact every product in one way or another. If there is data, there will be AI. The discussion is geared towards R&D, product planning, algorithm design, industry verticals, business development, and lessons from the current state of art. We will look at how AI will change various industries, what it means for consumer products and services, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence: Underpinnings of a disruptive wave


Sridhar Solur, SVP of Xfinity, IoT, and Data services for Comcast

Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Senior Research Scientist on AI at Google

Ken Denman, former CEO, Emotient (acquired by Apple)

Dr. Sam Browd, Neurosurgeon, University of Washington

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting (moderator)


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Date: March 30, 2017

Venue: Columbia Tower Club, 701 5th Avenue, 76th Floor, Seattle.

Time: 7:30-11am. Breakfast and Networking: 7:30-8:30a, Panel: 8:30-10a, Networking: 10-11a


Hope to see you there.