Announcing Quantumverse: Pixels of Disruption

Announcing Quantumverse: Pixels of Disruption

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We are living through history and times of unprecedented change. 50 years ago this week, our good friend Marty Cooper made that historic first cellular phone call and kicked-off an amazing era of growth and change.

As we stand on the cusp of a new Connected Intelligence era, we are seeing the interlinked and disruptive emerging breakthroughs that are going to change the course of history and take society to the next dimension of Quantumverse. From 5G to Edge computing, Quantum technology to AI, the Metaverse to Autonomous systems, we are witnessing the foundation of the new ecosystem being built in real-time. Disruption can be seen in the emerging pixels of the ever-expanding Quantumverse canvas. The pixels on the Quantumverse canvas are the new revenue streams, disruptive breakthroughs, use cases that are scaling, intersection of technologies that are leading to new insights, and much more.

We must ask ourselves, what will these new pixels bring in terms of applications and services? How will they change the way we interact with information and one another? Will we see a realignment of the technology and ecosystem stack? And what infrastructural elements are missing to make the vision of the Quantumverse a reality? We will spend time deciphering the Pixels of Disruption at out next summit.

But it’s not just about the technology itself. We must also consider the impact on human behavior, industrial policy, competition, and equity. We must understand the implications of these technologies on our society, and work to ensure that they are used to benefit all people, not just a select few.

We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy Legg to the Quantumverse to brainstorm the Pixels of Disruption. We will be announcing the addition of new speakers and partners throughout spring and summer.

We are pleased to offer 10 early bird (code MFF10) seats to our community on a first come first served basis.

Some of the discussion areas are:

• Quantumverse: Pixels of Disruptions
• Impact of Quantumverse on Society, Consumers, and Technology
• 5G: Connecting the dots from Products to Monetization
• 5G: Economics, Competition & Opportunities
• 5G: Taming Opex
• Trillions – AI and Automation
• Transformation of Cities and Transportation
• AI/ML in the age of Data and Privacy
• Metaverse – Expanding Horizons
• Robotics: Integration of Man and Machine
• Globalization and Policy: Conflict and Convergence
• Solving the Cybersecurity conundrum

We welcome you to join us in the journey of Quantumverse and contribute to the discussions that will shape the global industries and economies.

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