Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2019 – Connected Intelligence 2030

Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2019 – Connected Intelligence 2030

10 years ago, we started Mobile Future Forward which has become industry’s premier brainstorming and strategy summit. Our goal was simple – bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry and empower the forum to discuss the future scenarios, trajectories, disruptions, and business models. We have stayed true our original vision. Over the years, Mobile Future Forward has played a key role in the exploration of opportunities many years before they become mainstream – the mobile data tsunami, the 4th wave, Connected Intelligence, Privacy and Security, IoT and Connected Devices, AI and Verticals, Autonomous, 5G, Edge Computing, and much more.

We take pride in consistently being ahead of the curve. As we plan our 10th Mobile Future Forward, we stand at the cusp of a massive disruption cycle that will shape the global economies for years to come. In fact, our thesis is that we are in a unique technological evolutionary cycle wherein many seismic trends are occurring at the same time. We are preparing for an ambitious agenda as we will delve into exponential growth impacting linear industries, new innovations changing the trajectory of competition, sensors and software enabling a programmable world of immense potential, and new experiences changing consumer’s perception of technology, data, and privacy.

On behalf of the Mobile Future Forward team and our fabulous partners, we invite you to join us to be part of Connected Intelligence 2030.

Date: Sept 4th, 2019 in Seattle

Sponsors: Aptiv, Hyla Mobile, Oracle, PwC, Qualcomm

Registration is open now