Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2017: Man Machines and Platforms

Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2017: Man Machines and Platforms

Dear friends,

In 2016, there were 77 companies making $1 billion or more in revenues on the 4th wave. The innovation across domains is sparking innovation in the programmable world. We are living through the birth of a new technology cycle which will be more impactful than the ones that came before.

In fifteenth-century Italy, there was a surge in incredible creativity, effects of which resonate to this day. The influential Medici family in Florence funded inventors, creators, scientists, philosophers, artists, and architects which led to the convergence of brilliant minds and made Florence the cradle of the Renaissance. The breaking down of the barriers across domains, disciplines, cultures led to one of the most influential periods in human history. At the dawn of the Connected Intelligence Era, we feel the same surge of new ideas, the coming together of disciplines and domains, with amazing breakthroughs on the horizon that will transform the future of mankind.

As we look at the technology and business model stack, we see the incredible progress in access networks that can provide Gbps of speed and negligible latency, autonomous intelligence that can think like humans, robots that can increase efficiency 1000x, brain-machine interfaces that make us super-humans, the ingestibles that help us live longer, the sharing economy that helps level the playing field, the virtual and augmented reality world that let us explore the cosmos of possibilities beyond our wildest imagination, business models that restructure our cities, and much more.

At Mobile Future Forward, we endeavor to explore the magic that happens at the intersection and collision of disciplines, ideas, and industries. The theme of this year’s summit is Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms. We will not only look at the ecosystem stack that’s adjusting feverishly to the tsunami of inventions from around the globe but also the new platform ecosystems that are gestating. Platforms and ideas that gain mass and momentum can transform the human narrative. Experiences that looked impossible 10 years ago are taken for granted today.

The magic of serendipity happens at the edges, at the intersections of domains and industries. The amalgamation of technologies and industries is driving the early phase of Connected Intelligence – IoT, AI, AR/VR, Quantum Computing, Cloud Robotics, HMI, BMI, Blockchain, Policy, Cybersecurity, 5G, Virtual Computing, and much more. We will try to peek into the next decade to see what might be coming our way that will enhance our lives and change the way business is done across domains.

With that, I am thrilled to announce that Mobile Future Forward 2017 (now in its 8th year) will be held on Sept 7th in Seattle.

Registration is open now.

Some of the confirmed industry leaders are:

  • Hugh Bradlow, Chief Scientist, Telstra
  • Lisa Hook, CEO, Neustar
  • Mylea Charvat, CEO, Savonix
  • Shahin Farshchi, Partner, Lux Capital
  • Shelly Palmer, CEO, Palmer Group
  • Biju Nair, CEO, Hyla
  • Glenn Lurie, CEO, AT&T Mobility
  • Ina Fried, Chief Technology Correspondent, Axios

We will be announcing the addition of new speakers and partners throughout summer and look forward to seeing you in September. If you are interested in partnering, please feel free to reach out at

Thanks and have a wonderful spring.