Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2016

Announcing Mobile Future Forward 2016

In 2015 something dramatic happened in the mobile industry. In the US, the revenue on the 4th wave exceeded revenue from all the first three waves combined, just like the 4th wave theory had predicted in the 2012 paper. Globally, 62 companies made $1 billion or more on the 4th wave, a 1140% jump from 2010. The world of Connected Intelligence is unraveling in front of us at a fierce pace across multiple dimensions. At Mobile Future Forward (now in its 7th year), we will delve into exponential growth impacting linear industries, new innovations changing the trajectory of competition, sensors and software enabling a programmable world of immense potential, and new experiences changing consumer’s perception of technology, data, and privacy. The day long executive summit brings together global experts and visionaries to help probe the deeper mysteries of the evolving landscape. Am thrilled to announce that Mobile Future Forward 2016 will be held on 27th September in Seattle

We are excited to partner with industry leaders and thank them for their ongoing support: Neustar, Oracle, and VoiceBox.

The distinguished guests of the forum will discuss wide-ranging topics of 5G, network economics, messaging platform, VR, autonomous intelligence, blockchain, vertical industries, IoT, commerce, security, intelligent data, new business models, policy and economies, and much more. We welcome you to join us in the journey and contribute to the discussions that will help shape the industries and economies worldwide.

Registration is open now.

Some of the confirmed industry leaders are:

· Glenn Lurie, CEO, AT&T Mobility

· Veresh Sita, CIO, Alaska Airlines

· Jorge Espinal, SVP, Spotify

· Peter Lewis, Father of IoT

· Michael Bayle, SVP – Mobile, Amadeus

· Sunil Dulovoy, Head, Uber Everything

· Donna Fedor, MD, Mavericks Capital

· Bubba Murarka, Partner, DFJ

· Todd Hooper, CEO, VREAL

· Sridhar Solur, SVP – Xfinity Home and IoT

We will be announcing the addition of new speakers and partners throughout summer and look forward to seeing you in September. If you are interested in partnering, please feel free to reach out at

Thanks and have a wonderful spring.

Chetan Sharma

CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting