A $250B mobile ad market

A $250B mobile ad market

I have seen ridiculous projections before but this has to top everything we have seen before and then some more.

Of all the people, GSMA is estimating that the “platform play” could be worth $250B by 2010.

And, in a report shown to exclusively ME, the GSMA estimates this ‘platform play’ could eventually be worth a staggering $250 billion – based on a projection that overall ad revenues will hit $533 billion by 2010.

Clearly, someone is on medication.

Update (03/03/08)

Matt Simmons of GSMA wrote in and clarified the forecast.

I’m contacting you regarding this post on your blog: A $250B mobile ad market

Just to clarify, the GSMA was mis-quoted in an article in Mobile Entertainment about the $250 billion figure. It’s not a figure/projection that came from the GSMA. The figure is from an analyst firm called STL Partners and the journalist who wrote the article got the figure from a report STL Partners produced, not from the GSMA.

Also, if you speak with STL Partners about the figure, you’ll realise that it isn’t just about advertising and it’s a 10-year projection.