5G’s Impact on Verticals and Automation

5G’s Impact on Verticals and Automation

At CES, I had the honor of moderating a wonderful panel on 5G’s Impact on Verticals and Automation with Intel, 5G Americas, and Cleveland Clinic. We had a good amount of time so went deeper into some of the areas. The video is now online.

Here’s a quick overview:

As the tsunami of change 5G brings to industries everywhere begins to wash over us, the hard questions of implementation and business model impacts are becoming clearer. Key industry verticals have a compelling need for 5G as they work to automate critical aspects of their business. As we move towards 5G, real-time automation which ranges from local compute to distributed large-scale compute to mission-critical compute experiences will be realized.

A need for remote monitoring, real-time automation, video and predictive maintenance are all needed to monitor utilities, patients and equipment; manage and track fleets, operations and assets; and automate operations in energy, healthcare, factories, and cities.

Each presents unique challenges and rewards for service providers, infrastructure vendors, and vertical implementers alike. There is no doubt that 5G will enable new experiences, but what does it take to pull it together? What will be the technical and application requirements? What services will such an infrastructure enable? How are verticals looking at this opportunity? And, can the lessons from 5G and its application to real-time automation provide a blue print for other applications and services?

Join Asha Keddy, 5G visionary and head of Intel’s Next Generation and Standards and Chetan Sharma, CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting and a leading strategist in the mobile industry, as they bring together leaders from the ecosystem for a discussion on where we stand and what impact 5G will have on industries and automation.

Panel Participants

  • Asha Keddy – VP and GM of Next Generation and Standards, Intel Corporation
  • Chetan Sharma – CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting
  • Chris Pearson – President, 5G Americas
  • Dr. Fabio Potenti – MD, MBA, FACS, FACRS, Cleveland Clinic Florida