5G – Embracing Complexity

5G – Embracing Complexity

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In 2013, the brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking opined that the 21st century is going to be about understanding complexity. We hope, Mobile Future Forward will help you unlock that complexity to see the emerging patterns of opportunity and growth. In our inaugural book in 2010, we noted that there will be more changes in the next 10 years than the previous 100. I think we can say with some confidence that the next 10 years will bring in even more disruption and innovations.

There is an inherent lure and curiosity in unraveling the mysteries of ecosystems, to make sense of them, to learn and decipher the patterns of unexpected and non-linear growth and diffusion, and to learn from the past to understand the future.

4G enabled 160+ “new” billion dollar revenue streams.

What will 5G create?

Join us on Sept 9-10th to find out.

Glenn Lurie, CEO, Synchronoss on 5G Monetization
Biju Nair, CEO, HYLA Mobile on building resilient global supply-chains