5G – Catalyst for What’s Next

5G – Catalyst for What’s Next

Pop Quiz: How many new billion-dollar revenue streams got started in the 4G cycle?     a) 10 b) 50 c) 75 d) > 100

If you answered d), pat yourself on the back. A more precise answer is 120. LTE Broadband, Smartphones, and Cloud played a central role in shaping the technology trends of the last decade.

We believe that Connected Intelligence which we have talked about in great detail is going to transform the next 10 years and while there are many components to the evolutionary story, 5G will play a critical role in defining Connected Intelligence 2030.

5G is going to be disruptive. Last year, 5G was theoretical. As of Q2 2019, we have seen dozens of launches with all four major US operators deploying some form of 5G in various cities around the country. We don’t know the exact shape of the disruption trajectory just yet, but we do know from history that when new capabilities are introduced, the seeds of innovation at the edges start to germinate. We firmly believe that 5G will play a critical role in new experiences, new business models, new alliances, and new industries. There are signs of change everywhere. Early data from South Korea suggests tripling of data consumption. AR/VR is already having an impact. I am really excited about the healthcare possibilities. Hospitals will become data processing centers with rare patient visits. Connected robots will transform the man-machine relationship. Edge computing is going to redefine computing itself.

Amongst the many topics that we will brainstorm at Mobile Future Forward, 5G will play an important role in expanding the boundaries of the platform. We will go deeper into the potential, the opportunities, the use-cases, and the deployment timelines with the best 5G minds in the world – the ones who are making things happen for the ecosystem. It will be the most compelling 5G discussion you will hear all year long.

At Mobile Future Forward this year, we will share new research that quantifies disruption for the next decade, hence the theme Connected Intelligence 2030. We will have a lot of new information to share in the coming days.

As always, we endeavor to bring together the pioneers and leaders of the industry together.

  • Andre Fuetsch – President AT&T Labs and CTO, AT&T
  • Dr. Durga Malladi, SVP & GM – 4G/5G, Qualcomm
  • Marwan Fawaz, former CEO, Nest, Executive Advisor, Google
  • Mohamed Kande, Vice Chairman, PwC
  • Neville Ray, CTO, T-Mobile
  • Ina Fried, Chief Technology Correspondent, Axios
  • Doug Suriano, SVP and GM, Oracle Communications
  • Chris Penrose – President – IoT, AT&T
  • Dr. Andrea Little Limbago, Chief Social Scientist, Virtru
  • Shawn Edwards, Chief Security Officer, RSA
  • Ann Johnson, CVP – Cybersecurity, Microsoft
  • Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, CEO and Cofounder, AlefEdge
  • Hank Skorny, President – Connected Services, Aptiv
  • Dr. Sarjoun Skaff, CTO and Cofounder, Bossa Nova Robotics
  • Biju Nair, CEO, HYLA Mobile
  • Nick Desai, CEO and Cofounder, Heal
  • Shelly Palmer, CEO, The Palmer Group
  • Dina Bass, Seattle Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News
  • Jay Greene, Technology Reporter, The Washington Post

The Mobile Future Forward team along with our excellent partners – AlefEdge, Aptiv, Hyla Mobile, Oracle, PwC, Qualcomm invite you to a memorable day of brainstorm and inspiration. If you would like to partner with us, please feel free to reach out at info@mobilefutureforward.com.

Hope you will join us on Sept 4th (Summer Saver Expires Soon).

More to come. Stay Tuned.

Best wishes.