10 Reasons

10 Reasons


We are two weeks away from this year’s Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit and we are busy putting the final touches on the agenda. If you are still thinking about it, here are 10 great reasons to attend and participate:

  1. Easily the year’s best 5G brainstorm about roadmap, use cases, business models, and monetization with the industry heavyweights and startup entrepreneurs to understand how the new technology curve impacts you.
  2. Did we say, the top three 5G CTOs will be there to share what they have learned from 5G deployments so far and what’s to come?
  3. Edge Internet is not a fashion statement; it is a paradigm shift. Don’t believe it? Learn from the startup CEOs who are early on this GDP-changing, industry-altering cycle.
  4. Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. Hear from an exceptional panel on the topic that will win you kudos from your CEO and CISO.
  5. Strategists keep an eye on the technology roadmap but miss the business model disruptions. Learn from the startup entrepreneurs on how they are using tech, data, and insights to disrupt your business.
  6. Amidst all the talk about Connected Intelligence, where are the top VCs investing their $s – an early indicator of things to come. Meet the top VCs who were previously successful entrepreneurs.
  7. AR/VR is getting a lot of ink but how does it shape the interfaces of the future? What’s Future Reality (FR)? Prepare to be blown away.
  8. Your Customers, Partners, Investors, and Competitors will be there. Will you?
  9. Mobile Future Forward is the only strategy event that brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry and empowers the forum to discuss the future scenarios, trajectories, disruptions, and business models at a deeper level.
  10. Over the years, Mobile Future Forward has played a key role in the discussion of opportunities many years before they become mainstream – the mobile data tsunami, the 4th wave, Connected Intelligence, Privacy and Security, IoT and Connected Devices, AI and Verticals, Autonomous, 5G, Edge Computing, and much more. Stay ahead of the curve.


  • Mobile Future Forward has been a proud host of numerous industry partnerships, alliances, and business relationships that germinate at the summit. Make your mark by being there.

I along with our wonderful partners invite you for an extraordinary day of insights, brainstorming, and networking.

Best wishes,
Chetan Sharma